Thursday, October 1, 2009

The day belongs to me (eps 2)

29 sept
3rd surprise is from my Klang's friends~thx to them!!They celebrate my birthday at biz cafe.Lee Lian, Han wei, Tun Sean, Wan Qi, Josephine, Wan xuan, Hui San, Kok Keong, Alex, Yi chieh, Michele, Swee Fong, Shereen, Wei Yang, Si Erng, Hock, Kelly and Ah Cai!!billion of thanks to them hahaha..we snap alot of photo at biz~
group photo ~My Gang~
Whole Group~
i eatting cake lar?
swts..MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Han wei, thanks for helping me cut cake haha..
wei yang, si erng, yi chieh , me and bryan~
where we are looking for?
top left to the right:michele, swee fong and shereen
bottom left to the right:hock, me and alex (the stupid face)

me and hock!
Girls world~
Han wei(the sifu) and me~
Andy(The Andy Lau) and me

3 of us~
hock again~
My 2nd Cake~
18 years old liao luuu~
deng deng deng deng~
Pressing phone~
one of my bestie~ xuan~
lee and Qi~
hug me so tight~~ahhaha
Kelly~ who looks so lonely?
My shirt!~ Chloe and pui yee gave one!!
My prEsent~
Adidas shirt~
Guess purse~!
Ck summer perfume~
A card!

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lobakto said...

haha, double soh/ying, 1 birthday celebrate 3 times, not bad mar~~


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