Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I don't wish to receive this kind of news again.

Yellow guys! Today I am going to blog about something really "painful" feeling in this post, if you guys afraid of seeing this kind of photo, please click the X button and leave my blog now, i don't want you guys got frighten in my blog. ermmmm

Incident happens on Last Friday 26/10/2012.

My gosh, I don't even dare to look at it anymore, it is so "painful" feeling straight to my mind. Ouchh!! Okay straight to the point and i don't want to talk grandmother story again. 
My friend Chia Yee was injured after playing basketball. He broke his right leg after he jump. As you can see from the photo. >.<  I am not around that time so I couldn't actually describe my bad feelings toward the happens! I knew it from Jia Yi, once I hear it, I was like, WTF and stun for awhile...zzz!  According to my friend, he said when he saw chia yee fall into the ground and shouting pain for his leg, he was stunned. He do not know what should he do for him. Of course, not to forget to call for ambulance and sent him to hospital. 

Reason why his leg fracture, he never get a doctor visit when he feel his leg is pain. and akibatnya...jadi macam tu larh! He love sports, he loves basketball very much, when doctor told him he still be able to play basketball, but after 2 years, he feel sad because it is a long period but somehow happy because he still can play basketball! He still at Hospital Fatimah. If you guys feel free, pay him a visit. I think he will stay until this Thursday or Friday. Take care buddy! =) 

p/s: Oh ya, bear in mind to those who love sports, if you guys feel any pain on your leg or anywhere, please get a doctor visit. You may change the storyline. =) Teehee! 

Monday, October 22, 2012


好久好久没有用我的母语写部落格了, 记得最后一次写的是几时吗? 我不晓得. 因为那已经成为过去. 脑袋转啊转, 我不晓得要写些什么, 我快要忘了怎样去写好一篇文章,不,应该不是文章, 是自由记. 

很不习惯,因为我很少用华语写部落格的. 我觉得我英文烂,所以就应该多多用英文写, 但现在我发现,我的华语也跟着烂, 惨了啦~~~~ 



Thursday, October 18, 2012

During my sem break.

Hmmmphh! Never thought of blogging at this time but I couldn't find a right things to do now, so I blog. Let's talk about what I actually did during my sem break since I got nothing special things to update. For the first week of my sem break, I went to Genting and Malacca with my foundation buddies. It's been awhile I never gather with them already because we were too busy to meet each other at Kampar. Sometime, we hardly to meet each other in campus because we were taking different course and timetable. So, we decided to go for a trip to gather again during our sem break. I miss the days we hanging out together, we can make a lots of fun, doing sohai things, speak stupid language and so on. LOL!! Let's create the good memories. Kinda lazy to upload those photo at here, if you are interested on it, go to my fb profile and search for it or Click Here.
I just randomly pick a group photo from it. LALALA! 
It was quite fun and I wish to go for a trip with them again. Hopefully, there's a chance for us to do so. 
I spend money, so after the trip, I earn money. I work as a "promoter" I guess. I persuade people to buy perfume. To tell them what promotion are we having now! I worked for 6 days straight. The job is tiring yet challenging! When people start to hear what you say, you will try to describe how worthy is the perfume, and only way is persuade them to buy. Sounds like, Grab it now or not you will regret! haha! 

I think that's all for my sem break, I know its kinda bored but somehow I learn something okay? ngek ngek! =) 
Just a random post which I know there will be no readers to read at all. But if you're reading my blog, thanks for spending time reading my boring post. TEEHEE! 
SeE ya!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I am 21st!

 I don't know why today there's a kick for me to blog. I think I should update my birthday post because I wanted to keep good memories on my blog. So that next time when i look back my old post, I will know what am I doing at this year. Do I improve, do I grow mature or so on. 

Time flies as blink of an eyes. I turned 21st last month. There's so much thing in my past 20 years and I couldn't actually list it word by word. There's special one and there's terrible one. I appreciated those people who came in to my world and ruined my life. I became stronger after that, thank you. I appreciated those people who came in to my world and make my life rock and roll. Thank you and hugs! 
I love them. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I think I should blog something before my new sem starts. Couldn't describe my feeling now because something happens and make my day just like rainy day. I don't hope much, I just aim for the basic one but still I cannot make it. Never mind, I learned not to look back any more, what I have to do is, step forward to make a new ending. So why don't we just look forward to make a new beginning and ending? No point of giving up. Oh hell yea, all jesus stories coming out, sorry readers, I am just motivating myself. The feeling so not right. FUCK MY LIFE!


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