Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hey guys, i think i should update something in my blog since i have nothing to do at at home. Well, as i said before i will find some jobs for myself during this semester break to fulfil my empty pockets. Yes, i did. Although the job was damn bloody hell tiring, no choice to complain because i couldn't find a job in klang valley area, so its so hard to say no to the job when your pocket are empty for a long long time ago. The paid was not really good enough because i have work for 13+ hours, middle of the work have 2 hours break and we are allowed to eat the dim sum at there for our so called Brunch. I guess most of the ladies couldn't handle the job because we need to carry the DAMN-HELL-HEAVY-BRICK-PLATE and sent it to every table. So proud that i am the exception. Teeheee!
During the 2 hours break, we have nothing to do, so we camwhore in the restaurant. Forgive us. I know it's fugly!

i am a professional waitress.Hermm...

I promised, i will updated more often. O=

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

20ty birthday.

 Hey guys, i am turning one year older.I suppose to be happy or unhappy? Happy, because i am an adult. Unhappy because i am turning older!! Girls hate getting older!!!And this time my age will start with a TWO and i wish i am still in 8teen forever and ever.In facts, this will only happen in my dreams,indeed. But still i need to face the facts and is time for me to wake up from my sweet dreams. I am officially 20ty. Its a adult age and no more kiddo kiddo age already. I have been live for 20ty years, recalling back what i had did in this past 20 years? Sweet memory? Yeap! i have a lots! Bitter memory, i think this should keep for my further age, because i believe that my future will never be so sweet all the way. On the other hand, i also believe that i will get a good job in my future. As what i said before, what i did for today, is for my tomorrow, and the rainbow appears after the rain storm. i could make my dreams come true. Besides that, i did learn a lot from working, be a part timer before, waitress and a sale assistant too. In my working experience, i have learned to communicate with the society. Not to hide, this society is very very very cruel. I had met different kind of people, different faces when they met with different people. Be smart to act as a worker, you are not the king, don't act like a xiao jie at outside. People pay you salary, not to see your temper, is to see your sales. Understood? Ops, sounds like i have too much to talk about. This is not my main things laa.. lets move down...
Well, I think this should be a long long post. Be patient and read it carefully,because one word means a lot meaning for all of you. I love you my friend. I love my parents, i love everyone who knows me. Appreciate the friendship between us. 
Kiddo face vs Mature face? Yi-Hee!
By the way, i had my birthday celebration before my actual date of my birthday. It's held on last saturday. Here you go, the picture draw my post and it's interesting for me.
Be honest, i didn't mention anything arh, i am just too skinny to hide myself beside cherry. Also, i promised myself to getting a little bit of meat for my body. Encourage me to eat okay?! Ops, not to forget, thanks to thiam hock who actually act stupid and find a reason to leave the table and took the cake to me. BFF wey~
3 wishes for this year.
i.) I wish everyone stay healthy and happily forever, and also my family.( it's abit lame i know, promise me, take care yourself and stay healthy always please.)
ii.) I hope i can score well in my finalsss. Really! Please please!
iii.) *I will keep this for myself then *
Too bad i didn't actually take a full cake photo for it, and i found thiss pieces of cake in leelian's photo album. LOLS, so guys, imagine how the cake look like okay?
The pretty ladiesss and me myself.
The handsome gentlemen and me myself.
Guess what, they bought me KFC , and called me to open and eat it. I admint i am a bit naive larh, i though they really bought KFC for me to eat. *That is the present they bought for me, please ignore the KFC plastic bag, that's is not the mainnn point!*
Of course, i won't forget to take a group photo, its a memory to prove that i have a bunch of lovely friends. Really appreciate what they planned for me, and the present from them.
I am 20ty!
Found this and this is funny! HAHAHA
 This is the present i received from a best friend.  Let it be anonymous.
and this is from my bunch of friends. Thanks you so much. 

Ah HAR! i won't forget the people who wish me in facebook. Is so damn lot of peopleee wish me happy birthday and i am so glad to actually replying them one by one. =D thanks to my energy man! HA-HA-HA!

Last, but not least, for this year ahead, i hope i can become stronger to stay aliveeee for my study life. Ti-Hee~ and also, I am a step close to my future already! Soh Ying Ying, Jia you!!! Of course, throw away the bad attitude of me especially my bad temper, and i will learn those good attitudeee for myself. Yuhuu!!

Love myself and love everyone around me! 
Thanks to my parents for giving birth to me.
Be grateful that i am still alive and healthy to blogging here.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sho Slow

I damn beh tahan my connection in hometown, damn bloody hell slow man. Wanted to upload few photo also load sho slow. Sien. But nvm larh, as long as can connect can already. Adui~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Did this yesterday night. =D (i know its ugly) 

Hey readers! Sorry for the missing, HA-HA-HA. I am free to shout that my semester break is ON! So far, i have no activities and nothing much to update about because i damn enjoy myself in my hometown. Just simply lying down on my bed, watching dramas, and eat some homemade delicious cake with air-cond, although i know this few days keep raining, but still i want to on my air cond and enjoy the cooling. I had insomnia yesterday night, because sleep too much in the afternoon already. Just a short post for today. Hee!Whoever finish their finals, happy holidays to all of you, whoever still having their finals, good luck for the rest of the subject and please remember, sem break is waiting for you. LA-LA-LA

Saturday, September 17, 2011


My blog is just like a videocam, recording my everything in my life.

Counting down for my semester break.---->>
 2 more days to go.----- >>

<<-----Soh Ying Ying are free after this!

<<-----Date her out!

No matter what,----->>

shopping, sing k,----->>

<<-----Or even watch movie.

<<-----Not to forget,

find a part time job for her to work.----->>

because she is----- >>

<<-------officially broke. 


Friday, September 16, 2011

Looking Forward.

How daring i put this photo to frighten readers.
Somehow, this is the real me, although i edited the photo.

Loha guys, finally I am back to english post. I am pretty sure that you all miss my words right? I guess so.Yi-Hee! So, any hot news about me recently? Nope, still remain the same, EAT-STUDY-SLEEP-EAT-STUDY-SLEEP.Don't get me wrongly, this is just my temporarily lifestyle not permanent one okay? Boring about this? Don't close it, i want you to continue it and finish it the post.But why?because i say so. HEE! 

Awwww~ I miss the smell so sudden. Don't think it wrongly larhhh adui! I mean the smell from my home-Rice smell. I want to go back my home!! The place i always shout like nobody cares! No matter what larh, i still need to sit for my last paper which is held on next monday. After that, I can enjoy my almost-one-month sem break. So damn looking forward to my semester break, don't know how it could be. Eat-Play-Sleep-Shit. SOMEMORE?? Want to know more about my semester break lifestyle? Stay tuned for my updates. TEE-HEE! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011


镜头就是偏偏取不走我的黑眼圈, 黑眼圈就是不爱搬走, 我又能怎样呢?








My old phone number.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bi bu Bi bu~

This is the original part.
and this is the one i edited. Pirate have a ship, i have a friendship. =D

*The one who always gossiping with you together.
*The one who always go toilet with you.
*The one who always call you go die.
*The one who always shout out your weak point.
*The one who don't allowed people to talk bad about her.

The one is who?? : )

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I've been searching for those nice nice purse since 
a long long time ago and finally i found it. Love ya so much because it is a polka dot looks. The right hand side is actually my previous purse and i am so going to kill myself, why i am so stupid, using a phone bag as my purseeee! 
It is sooooo NOT-FASHION! Geram betul! Arghhhh...

Wanted to know where to buy?
Click Here
They also have the shop at Kampar, feel free to pay a visit over there. 
The shop name called Jimfashion. The cloth and bag are quite affordable for everyone.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Full moon.


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to my readers! Why we are celebrating this festival? What this festival means to us? The purpose of celebrating this festival is to chase off the ghost around us. This is what my mum told me since i was still a kid! And there is a story behind the festival. Go google it if you really wants to know what's the story is about.

I forgot how many time i didn't celebrate ZHONG QIU JIE with my family. Haha, cherry, you are right, we 'll never celebrate zhong qiu jie with family once we came in to utar!! But, luckily we have a bunch of friends here to celebrate together. Here you go.

Lantern lantern!
a bunch of "Mat Rempit" was there!

I look so weird in this photo!! ignore it please =P
I like this post wey! hahah
Candlee! we love candle and you can see we actually combine all the candle together to become the A alphabet. We hope everyone of us can get an A's for our finals! 
Hahaha, our hand is full of wax! Playing around with the wax.
Me and salt fish. act cool, and we failed to do it so. 
not good not good, don't show your middle finger please!
Cute little melvin! HA-HA-HA
HAHAHA what am i actually doing? 
Last, but not least, group photoooooooooooo =D

 HA-HA-HA, enjoy reading? i know you don't. Who cares? okay should stop here and need to continue my studies. Bye!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Congratulation, Xiao pei. =D

I supposed to attend my friend's wedding party today but too bad that i am having my finalsss this few weeks!!P-F-F-T.!I have been awhile never gather with my ex-ex-ex-classmate*primary school friend* and I am just so miss them, miss our naive world. N-A-I-V-E? don't joke please!! Yi-Hee!

p/s: 2 down and 2 more to go! YAY!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Everytime i will ask the girl inside the mirror, do we look alike? or forever don't?
 You are me, I am just a reflection of you, whatever you do, it will still reflect on me. she answered.
It just an example of  Intrapersonal communication which means communicate with yourself, self-talk. Also precedes in speaking or acting. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Smile like an ice cream.

 I like sweet, but not too sweet. I like bitter, but not too bitter. I love ice cream! Do you? Eating an ice cream under the hot sun, isn't that good? Eating an ice cream when you are bored of study, Hmmph, true! Ice cream can made my day up~If you are craving for an ice cream like me, grab it now! I am pretty sure that your mood is like sem break. HA-HA-HA what a jokes! =.= Anyhow, Good luck to everyone for their finals. Shoot 1 down and 3 more to go babe!!! W-H-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011




上大学的我, 却辛辛苦苦的打拼到未来,


English version.
I have a lot of dreams,
 but what my parents say to me is, 
don't even ever think of your dreams,
 because they say
their dreams only is the correct (for my own good) dreams for me.
So, what is the dreams about? 
No idea.
Fight from  elementary school to middle school,
and then fight to the university from middle school,
and now finally i am officially a university student.
This time,i am not fighting for myself, but for my future, 
The future will be like HOW?
who knows?
In the process to future is so tough enough for me to fight, and i am so tired about it.
God, what kind of gift will be awarded to me for my efforts i gave out?
I am so craving for it so freaking much.
When will i get reward?
I don't know. 
I only know ,
i am here to speak some rubbish words again.

Monday, September 5, 2011


I just can't leave my blog during study weeks. Why arh?!Because i wanted to find something to do to avoid study. Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk is soooo sien already. Anybody can just post their current status at there. So people could comment it when the people are concern or maybe curious about you. For me, blogspot is always the best personal place for me to share something about with readers. Only me myself can post at this area. Wheeee~~~Mr. Thursday is coming nearer and nearer yet i am still enjoying my life here. W-T-H?!! I don't really understand what does "study" mean, i checked the definition from my phone and that's the result.------------------------>


So, readers, did you study today?

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Afraid of what?
My studies of course.
What else? 
Yeah, i think so. I don't wish this case happen on me again. I swear!
Whenever you met me, i feel that you don't really want to talk to me. Don't even look at me when i am talking to you. FML so much!

P/s: Don't care what i post about, is just suddenly flash out on my mind only. Don't ask me why, because i don't know how to answer. Anyways, Good luck to me and the rest. Don't get me wrongly, i am not EMO. No emo words in my dictionary, I am still me. Don't get what i mean?Knows me in real life and you'll know. Right? my friends?


Face The Book Please!