Sunday, May 31, 2009


My Leg got scratch yesterday??? Lol ...i dunno kena what also? When my friend fetch me to the lake by leg started... pain already...swts!!! ishhh...i hope this scratch wont got the scar!!PAINFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!when kene water!!!!!


-I miss DRIVING!
-I miss MCD!
-I miss LimTeH!
-I miss TV!
-I miss HOME!
-I miss my FAMILY!
-I miss AEON JJ!
-I miss hang out with FRIENDS!
-I miss my FRIENDS!
-I miss my BED!
-I miss TGV!

So Fast, i at kampar already one week!! i gonna start my skul on tmr! excited+ nervous ...LOL.Today, Chie Yi 's parent come to kampar for visit her daughter and bring some stuff to her. Around 2pm+ Chie Yi's parent fetch us to tesco to buy some food and stuff to cook~1st step to the car,i feel like!!! OMGOSHH!!! SO LONG NVR SIT CAR ALREADY!!1 WEEK!!!become kampung girl already?? When we saw tv at somewhere... we will feel excited...(coz kampung girl maa u know laaa??)...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzLMAO!

(To be continue...)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday morning,i receive a paper from unknown...zzz the paper put at lin yun's bicycle basket...and the paper is write for me becoz the name he/she wrote is To:ying ying,From :Vampire... and the paper write about...(ying ying,can i have your hp number?mind for me?)zzz swts...i already ask my housemate but they also dunno who is it...they joke say tat's is vampire...searching some one to suck blood...LOL..(The letter that VAMPIRE wrote to me...)

Yesterday is our 1st day of orientation...hear the principle to speech......zzzzzzzzzzzdamn kao boring !!!!!!!!!!i am suffering right there!!hungry somemore...The speech start from 9-30am to 2.00pm!!NO BREAK AT ALL!!After came out from the hall,we saw this! OMGOSH!! So many ppl q up to buy fooD?Make me no mood to buy fooD also.So,we decided to go back our hostel to ''makan sendiri''.

Canteen...FULL !!!!!!!!!!
woah? alot ppl right??
Utarian parking their bike at

Yesterday night,after our dinner,we went to west lake for take a walk and cycle around(coz too boring).we saw lui lang) park their motify car beside the lake,They open their car bonet and start on the music.Their bonet got alot of so nicee to see,but the noise from the loud-pipe Harley damn near made my ears bleed.My heart almost drop out =.=''.I keep pressing my chest so my heart wont too excited...At First,got one car only... follow on...11 caRs!!!!!!!Try imagine, 11 cars on the music TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!ahahaha..these are the photo i snaped yesterday.(SEE how cool is IT?)

(To be continue...)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Kampar Life~

Our new Decoration!~see!!!KING SIZE BED!!!
(wow!my bear sit till so yao yeng,samo posing )lol..

I am started be used to kampar life...Yesterday,we wake at the morning...After done our things,we go survey utar and go eat breakfast(the famous wan-gurney mamak).Around 10.00a.m something,me, lin yun and chie yi cycle to tesco to buy some important stuff,and we choose de most cheaper wan.
*at hometown(Klang)*-buy the expensive wan...(cause not i paying ma)
*at kampar*-buy the most cheaper how to budget when at outside.(cause i paying ma =.='')
After paying money,we going back...the time is showing 2PM!!!!!!!!!omgoD the sun!!!! THE SUN IS KILLING ME!!suddenly we feel..the road is so FAR and so LONG~~~~~~~we started sweating alot,my face turn red and hot.Finally,we reached home at 2.30pm, watch myself at mirror, OMGOD! SUNBURN,my fair skin...become DARK ALREADY!!!!!!!SobsssT.T! I SWEAR!!! I DON'T EVEN WANT TO GO OUT AT AFTERNOON ANYMOREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(seriously).After that,we mop OUR room!!! using a piece of ''KAIN'' to mop!!!lol how pity uss....sobsssssssssssssssssssssssssss.Oh ya,i post some utar view for you all to seE!!!!!!(If my bro saw this pic...he sure jealous wannT!!!)


Our First Delivery!(bihun-mine wan)guess how much the cost?

SeeSEE!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!LOL!!NEW TOWN (KAMPAR)

(to be continue...)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Guess which one is MINE?lol...
(To be continue..)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bye Bye!

hey ya,friends! i m leaving on tmr morning 8.00a.m. to kampar..i know i will misss everything at klang! and..NO MORE ''MUMMY,HELP ME! ''Everything is gonna do it myself!zzzzzzzz so?New Life,New environment,New room,New Ying!=)Everyone! don't miss me ya!!haha i will be back on every 2 week ...So,not very long also lar...cheeRs!!

okay..let me upload some new photo for you all TO SEE!!lolzz

my formal wear!!

my new nike shoes!

my StuFF that bringing over THERE!!!!!
(To be continue....)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

StarT !!

Hey hey!!hello~~ everyone! ying ying is starting a new blog now!muahahahah so??? how was you feel?? surprize or not? the way,i wanna to spread one big news to everyone~ From now on , I'm a Utar's student now!! And I'm staying at Kampar!(Near right?lolz)Anyone wan come kampar''chiak hong''??can come visit me ^^I'll treat you a delicious bun curry chicken lol!!!1 more week...i gonna leave ''Klang''this small little town!!sobs sobs! nvm nvm..I 'll always come back every two weeks.23th May 2009 <---i will be leaving on this anyone wanna ''chio'' me come out..must faster lor...i got alot appointment want okay?(joking joking) hahaha.

(To be continue....)


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