Saturday, May 21, 2011

World End?

全世界的人都在讨论的话题,世界末日就在今天,为了纪念这宝贵的日子,所以就写了这个po. 如果你问我,相信不相信眼前这个谣言?我会很肯定的告诉你,我不知道。哈哈,是不是有点炸到的感觉?呵呵!我曾经问过我自己 ,世界末日来了怎么办?我该怎么做?我也不知道,因为我没有真正的体会过。所以,世界末日来了的那一天,如果我没有被压死,或者被冲走,我答应你们,我一定会告诉你们该怎么做。哈! 有些人因为世界末日的传言而停止工作,对我来说呢,世界还没有放弃你,你就放弃了自己,那就叫世界末日。所以呢,脚步不要停, 要一直努力的往上爬。加油!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do Re Mi, Mi Re Do.

I suppose to update my blog during the sem break, but always have nothing come across my mind and i don't know what to post about, unless my readers want to know how many times i went to toilet, how many hours i slept or even how many times i ate. And finally, i have outing post to talk about already. I don't really remember how many greenbox post i post last time, but i am sure that there is still have the same reason for every outing post, which is, our friendship were never be end till end of our life. A very random sing k post and i don't want to talk much about it.
Let the photo shows our happiness.
Their face looks familiar right? Because they always appear on my post.
Josephineee and me.
LeeLian and me.
Xuan and me.
Group photooo =D
End this post with this group photo. Friendship forever girls!

Monday, May 16, 2011

My very first time.

I should update this post on yesterday, but then due to something, i forced to push it to today. Sorry guys! =( Went to photo studio to take photo for my new license. UUI is so freaking ugly la..the photo! sigh..Okay fine. i don't mind *actually i very mind* After complete it, its time for me to going back home. Walk to the car, sit on the car cushion, guess what happen.. my car is not working. After a few second only i realize .. CAR BREAK DOWN! OH SHIT!! I don't know what should i do at that moment, and i called my mum, told her what's happening? She ask me to open the car bonnet. Take something to hit the battery box. I follow the instruction that what my mum had told me. So, after a few minutes, yay, it's working. i was so nervous that time, because i never face this kind of trouble before, and i was alone! zzzz! and finally PHEW~

*Special day for my family and for me,
parents wedding anniversary
leehom's birthday.
♥♥♥♥♥Love you all forever!♥♥♥♥♥

Saturday, May 14, 2011







加油! 颖!加油!朋友们!



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Semester Break!

Hey you! Finally i have some free time to update my blog after 1 month ago. Life is not that good enough. Feel like time flies like a blink of an eyes, and sometimes time walk like a tortise. No matter how, i should enjoy my life till the max right? My semester break had start from last sunday, tat's mean i am free from last sunday. HAHAha, however, i still don't have the mood to update my blog due to my laziness!!! Forgive me please. I need some time to relax myself first! hahaha! And now, i finally got the mood already! Sorry bloggie! Wheeeeeee, i don't know how to spend my sem break time, because my semester break not really long enough for me to work! ISH!!!Alright, its time for me to watch back my dramaass!! hahha! See ya next time!


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