Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Don't Lose Hope Malaysian!

I feel like blogging at this moment, don't know why, maybe I wanted to make it as history to let my future me to read it. If you are Malaysian, you should know what happened in this past few days. 5/5 is our 13th time of general election. As you know, I don't like politics, I hate politics, I don't concern about politics in my country but somehow I know our country is getting even problematic than early years in this past few years, so i decided to take a look on it. I regret I did not register to vote as I am already 21 last year. Damn it. I don't know what is fairness in our country, because I saw a lot of dirty thing during our election. Bangladesh is not from our country but they have the rights to vote for our future government. As I know, Malaysia only have 3 ethnic, Chinese, Malay and Indian. What the fuck they have the rights to vote? There are many more and i don't want to list about it anymore. Feel so disappointed to our government. Haihs, but Malaysian, our spirit is unite! don't lose hope, we can change it again, opportunities are always created by us! 1Malaysia gogogog!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Year 3 Semester 1- PR campaign.

Yello peeps! Just an update because my blog was so dead since don't know when already. I guess most of you feel so boring about my blog because i didn't update it frequently. Yes! I am lazy, super lazy that kind, so please forgive me...hahaha! I am currently having my semester break holidays which i wish for a long long time ago since the last day of my ex-semester break. This semester was a tough semester which I have a lot of heavy subject and also my PR campaign. PR campaign is such a good subject to help students built up a foundation to learn how to organize an event,activities or campaign before we graduate.Yea, I love this subject is because it is fun and this subject do not have final exam!

Yaaay!But good things always have negative side, we have to stayed back at Kampar almost every week to do the fundraising activities, those decoration and also the publicity. We would have meeting in every Wednesday till the late evening which I had missed a lot chance to go pasar malam in Kampar. T.T 

The PR campaign was separated in 5 groups,  which i am in group 1. We supposingly choose to join group 3 but due to some problem, we are back to group 1 again.Each group have same main topic which is Volunteerism II and raise fund for U-Liang Library at Tronoh Mines village which is 30 minutes far from kampar. But we have different sub-topic which are separated into educational, healthy, and also environment. We choose educational as our sub topic. In group 1, there's only 8 people are juniors and others was all seniors. I feel so strange because I don't even know who are them. When i attended the first meeting, I feel so nervous because most of them are so "experience" people and the meeting was so bloody hell formal which i don't even dare to "fart". Even I fart I also must be in very "formal-way fart". Yar, that's it. Also, there's a very fierce moderator which is our lecturer, she is Ms.Diong, I fucking scare her because when she attended to our first meeting, she started to scold all of us. She scolded all of us because she said we've done a shitty proposal, overall mark is 40 and we only get 8 marks for it. I guess everyone in our group also hate her, but after that, we changed our mind not to hate her. HAHAHA! 

From that day onward, our group people do their best to fits what Ms Diong had request, we work, we think and also we do. We have separated in few departments which are, treasurer, logistic, secretary, publicity, fundraising, program, research, media relations, media monitoring and also the most important department, HOD department. Oh ya, Me, Soh Ying Ying and I involved in few departments which are program, fund raising and the media monitoring is my main department. The reason why I involved in few departments is because media monitoring don't have much work to do plus, i wish to involved in publicity team and fund raising team actually, so you know, i campur here and campur there larh, hahahha kepochi laa me! Maybe I shouldn't say that because we work as a team, so every department WE-HAVE-TO-BE-INVOLVED! Wakakaka! 

First of all, let's talk about the secretary department first, I feel so grateful because the secretary members was so hardworking and they did almost all the paper works. They have to prepare all the minutes, agenda and sent to all of the members the day before the meeting. Not to offend larh, members in other department also very hardworking larh, hahaha! 

Next, let's talk about the treasurer department, I confused whether is OKK (Ooi Kok Keng) or Shermaine is the head of department, maybe Shermaine because she's the one who always report us the latest income for our campaign. hahaha! They did a great work too. =) hahah 

Followed by Publicity team, this department is the most pity group because they have to squeeze their brain out to think out of the box which we usually called it as creative ideas. They gonna sacrified their time of sleep, to come out with a creative ideas to grab the photo opp, publicize our campaign activities and so on. Steve Chai is the HOD of publicity department, he is a funny guy and he has a "good voice" to sing. I swear. hahahahaha. Oh ya congrats to Steve Chai because got people bought his design , the 5 mascot, the 5 eggs!

*Our group 1 Mascot-Volunharry*

The program team, is the most important department because the activities must be really interesting to attract people to come over our campaign. It is leaded by Ks How, and wen xian is one of the member of it. The members in program team was so friendly, they play hard and work hard for it. thumbs up! Although sometime they work in last minutes, but still the outcomes never disappointed us. It is so happy to work with them, and thanks god for giving me a chance to know most of them, sarah, foo sze meng, cooku, ah fatt and also boon keong! hahah! For me, the first impression when i see KS was, wow, this is such a fierce guy and i don't want to campur, *this is what I though* I don't dare to campur anyone in our group, but only our "junior gang", you know, sometime "I judge the book by its cover". HAhaha forgive me, I will learn not to judge book by its cover again, ever! If he saw this, I comfirmed he will come and whatsapp me!! LOL !!! nooooo! Anyways, he is an emotional people sometime as i can see it from his facebook status. KS how, what i wanted to say is, you are great, but sometime, you are just too emotional, don't let your emotion affects your action. hmmmph! ahahaha I hope you can see this! hahaha.

Next, the fundraising team, hmm, what can i say for this department? It is leaded by Angi Lim, what i can talk about this girl? hmm, maybe good voice? She can sing very well. 

hahaha so this department is very busy department in middle of the week of our campaign, because the members have to come out few activities to raise fund, find sponsor and so on. Raising fund is the mosttttttttttt kanasai activities because what we have to do is, ask people to buy our things.We are so proud because our ice cream selling, sweets and pyssla beads are such a good activities to boost up our sales/funds.

Not to forget, our beloved Kayla sacrified her sleep and woke up early in the morning just to make the bread sushi for our sushi selling. We do put a lot of effort on it, so if anyone who bought the sushi, thank you so much!! We appreciate your help and $$ hahhaah!

tempting right?

As i mentioned before I am involved in fund raising department, so what I do for this department? Me, Cherry and Wen Xian will be wearing the animal/cartoon costume to walk around the campus and sell the sushi and sweets which we called it as mobile selling. So people that spot us in campus, yeah, tat's me hahaha! I am wearing the stitch one! cherry one is bunny and wen xian one is hello kitty. =) Frankly speaking, wearing the costume under a hot weather is such a XXXXX for me, because I am the person who sweat easily. Ahermm, anyways, it is happy to see people come and approach us to take photo with us, hahahaha! yeaaa!!

During our in-campus activities, our activities include v-Walk, book donation, human statue, flash mob, carnival and also the giant puzzle. As I mentioned before, our sub-topic is educational, so we must come out with something to educate people about volunteerism, it is so hard to do some activities that actually can link to volunteerism, REALLY! okay fine, in the end, WE DID IT! v-Walk is actually a parade to build awareness of volunteerism. 

The volunteers was required to bring a book along and walk from guard house to Block K. Those who attend our v-Walk will know about it. Thank you for your precious time to join our v-Walk! Big thank you! No words can describe other than thank you! The v-Walk parade is to bring out the message of volunteer yourself to be part of it, there's a village need your help and we are one part of our country, we contribute to others, help people when they need us. If we do have the ability to help people, so why not we volunteer ourselves to help them in needs? 

Hmmmph, other than v-Walk, we have human statue. Human statue is the best experience ever in my uni-life. I learned not to move when people are starring at me, people put money, then only I move. (p/s: At first I was so worried to become human statue because my laughing rate is so damn fxxking low. hahaha! But then, in a very "gan jeong" moment, surprisingly, I am not laughing when people make jokes on me for example: when melvin act like a stupid and doing stupid things infront of me! BLEK! ) Thank you for our members for the human statue idea, this idea was great to grab people's attention.  woohooo!! This activity is actually bringing out the message of " In our fast pace of life, we should stop to look around us, there are many opportunities for kindness". 

Other than that, we collect book for U-Liang Library, each student who donated book will have the opportunity to sign or write their wish list in a big piece of giant puzzle. 
*There are 300 pieces of puzzle, complete it and it will become a giant puzzle*

*complete puzzle*

Hmm, in our in campus activity, we also have carnival, the carnival have nothing special, is just like flea market in Utar, people sell things, people buy things. hehe.

Eh wait a minutes? How can i forget about media relations department? the most important department? Yeah, Melvin is the HOD and assist by Kayla (the fierce girl which everyone members scare of it) 
*the right side one-Kayla*

but actually she is good, friendly and also kind-hearted lady. hahaha! okok back to topic, ahermm...Thanks to the "famous" emcee in Utar- Melvin, haha with his good voice, he can sing well too! 

Okay, finally, i can talk about our out campus activities, we have gotong royong activities and close interaction with the primary school students, they are adorable, BUT, there's always a but behind the sentence, they are super notty. yeah laa, normal what, small children are notty, if not notty, then problem liao! hahaha This time, i will be involved in sketch, the sketch is to educate the primary students, to volunteer themselve to pick up the rubbish when they saw a rubbish at somewhere else. Don't just ignore it.
 *There are 3 stages of people, little girl, youngster and also adults. I am acting a little girl. hmmph...*

*Gotong-royong in Tronoh Mines Village*

.After that, there are few station games that the students have to think and pass the stage so that they can get the item for doing a WATER ROCKET! I'll skip here and let the photo do the talk! (talk too much already).

Ignore my face expression pls hahhahah! *station game*

*station game*

*they decorating their water rocket jet. *


Overall, this is a great experience that I had in this semester. I learn a lot, learn to cooperate with others and work as a team! I guess people will not read finish because this post is so fucking long.hahhaa Anyways, thanks to the members of group 1, you all are the best! =) 

*group photo*

Before I end the post, I would like to represent all the members in group 1 say thank you to Cruz, who actually contribute alot of work such as moving the ice cream fridge to here and there, go to penang and fetch all the soft drinks sponsor to kampar. He hurt his backbone and forced to make an operation. Thank you Cruz! 
*his selca*

Not to forget, our mascot-Volunharry's husband = Seng Man!!!

They must be cursing me because I never write something about them, here is it....
I will never forget my partners~~ Cherry yeoh and Wen Xian, they taught me alot. I tresure the moment with them. love ya forever!! 

Last but not least, thank you all the members in group 1, especially Lim Hui Suan and Gwen =) 

To: Lim Hui Suan, i used to hate you last time, because you very action!! show lan c face to me!! but after i know you, all the 38 pattern come out.... LOL ! 

To: Gwen, as what Ms.Diong said, you are 傻大姐, thank you for everything and make the campaign so success! woohoo!! 
*from left to right: Ivy, Angi, Gwen, me and Hui Suan*

P/s: Group 1,2,3,4,5  you all did a great job! I have friends in different groups, and i do really see your efforts in doing your campaign, keep it up and all the best in your future! Fighting! 

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That's my hectic life in this semester... at beginning, we are stranger, slowly become friends, then work as a team and fight for our campaign! XOXO  thank you for your patience, to read finish. hahaha! bye bye!


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