Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Happy Merdeka!!!I dunno what should i post in this merdeka post. Nothing much to say actually. A very big day for Malaysian to celebrate merdeka. I am so proud of staying at Malaysia, born in Malaysia because Malaysia has no natural disasters such as , earthquake and tornado.I can sleep well at night with no worries. Good things there are always got negative side. MALAYsia, as you can see the malay words is always inside the malaysia. Malays are always the first one to serve but not Chinese or Indians. Isn't it?I cannot complain much here because i am staying at Malaysia. Later Malayss will punch me. i forced to stop here because i need to go and study now. If not...Add Image

Monday, August 30, 2010


不晓得怎么了,连续两个礼拜在吧生的家,生活习惯也改变了,变得有早睡早起的习惯。昨天回来了金宝,感觉很不一样,可是又不知道是哪里的不对劲。直到了今天,忽然间下起雨,感觉又回来了,原来,我已渐渐习惯在家的日子了。雨中的思念,一直都在。只是,我没发觉而已。雨, 总是能把我的思念带回家,指引我,回家的路。天啊,我是怎么了吗?读书压力过大?还是找些事情来当做借口-不要读书? 才过一天而已,就想念家,看来我的老毛病很严重哦! 心情闷闷的。绝不是一个很好的兆头。惨了~~~~每次要写"死"字,都不会写, 看来今天的我, 终于学会"死"字怎么写了。

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Finally i watch Love in disguise..hahaha.My comment for this movie-Awesome!!! Maybe for others, they will feel boring in this movie, but not me. Enjoy the movie from starting till the end. DMH I LOVE YOU!!! That's all for today. Blog dismiss! =)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Final exam is around the corner.

As you know, my final exam is coming soon. I already prepared some of the subject but then haven't fully understand it. I am trying my best to understanding all the notes except math(because math need pratice ma). I am too playful since 3 sems ago, and i need to change it already. Some of them is so freaking hardworking but not me larH. Told ya, my style is like this, tat's why my result like that. >.< haha. Somehow, i feel want to burn the notes and drink it, so i can keep the WORD in my mind forever and no need to study. So sorry, i am daydreaming again, come back to the fact then. Utar is quite competative university ,i need some energy to push me to run faster than others. Its not the time for me to "Mo Tang Mo sai".I wanted to run abit faster than now. Although my run speed is just like a tortise. Buy me a Car then, maybe will run abit faster? Myvi is enough for me, daddy. My birthday is around the corner. ^^ Ops, i am out of topic again...come back come back~The only sentence always appear in my mind, "Slow and Steady ma" . I always take this sentence to my heart, and now, i knows i am thinking the wrong side already. Some of the people or maybe some of the things suitable on the sentence, but definitely not me! Ya right, i am thinking the wrong side already.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Not the end of the world

I love to be and i like to be. What should i say? What topic should i discuss today? Ya, Love. Would you ever try before failed in love? I mean "Sat luin" ? Your another part might leave you and you couldn't control your mind to miss him? Do you feel before the feeling? If you got the feeling before, you should know how suffering is it. But i wanted to tell you, if you really get this kind of problem, please dun try to end your life like this. Not worth it okay? I cannot say stupid on you because the feeling is really bad when you feel lost something of your life. Think of your family, think of your friends, think of this wonderful world, although sometimes the world is really sucks! hahaha. The road that being hurt is quite long for some of us, but think of your future, a REAL man/woman who waiting you infront of it. So, don't think negative side, always look at the bright side. Cheer up guys! =)
I got my Leehom's album on last week. Thanks Lee lian who help me collect it.And Ya, i went for facial yesterday. Finally i went for it! My face was so dirty since one year never go for facial already. Now, my face very red~~like monkey butt~So, i won't go out for these few days. Please don't call me out yea! =(

Being babysitter for these few days also, I am totally exhausted when the baby Pang Sai.What i usually said, Mummy always the best one in this world. LOL!

What he is actually doing? Show me "hiong kang ka"?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today, is a rainy day. How i hope this rain will go to kampar for a while. As you know, Kampar is a very hot place which we can melt it cause of the heat.

I hope to watch love in disguise at klang but then, Aeon bukit tinggi jusco don't have the movie yet, and i have to go bukit raja jusco there to watch. I am quite lazy to go there and watch.
p/s: Dedicated a song for readers 南拳妈妈-下雨天

Monday, August 16, 2010



Saturday, August 14, 2010

We finally found out where 's the place that sell soya already~~What josheen said is right, the aunty is very friendly and keep smiling to us. =) Before going back klang. I bought some for my mum. hehe! I am so enjoy HERE right now! Klang, you are the best! Oh ya, untill now i onnly know klang is the second biggest city in selangor. So proud that i am living here hahas!
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

No title

Today, i found out that my stomach getting smaller and smaller. 1 pack of maggi mee, i don't even can finish it. I am getting thinner and thinner already. I scare most of them cannot recognize me when i go back to Klang. Do you? =) I have a good news here. Good news is i am going back KLANG this coming Friday and i am coming back HERE on next tuesday.WeeWaWa~! Oh shit, the account assignment due date is on next monday and yet i haven't complete it. I have to go now to complete it, readers! Bye!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


相信大家都透过面子书听到了力宏恋爱通告的主题曲了吧?对,就是“你不知道的事”。超棒的一首歌。还没听的朋友们,赶快去youtube search 一 search吧!今天是农历七月,我最想快快过完的一个月。每当到了这个月的时候,我的心总是觉得寒寒的。很恐怖。真的很怕有事会发生那样。最好是我想多了。 阿弥陀佛!每天晚上往外跑的朋友们,你们要注意安全啊~~!拜!!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

My neck is so itchy!!! i can't stop to scratch it!!!
Not really have the mood today, sorry readers =(

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fed up!

Happy Birthday Tun Sean!!! I wish all your dreams come true and be healthy always!

I got a quiz at monday and yet i am still blogging here and surf the net all the time. I couldn't concentrate on my study because the sickness had really make me fed up these few days. I don't want to be like this. I am lost! =( i don't know who i am anymore.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sickness really kills me.

i wanted to transfer my course from business information system to public relations. I am not good in calculation, and i hate maths alot alot! But somehow, i need to study maths for this semester to repeat my failed subject on semester 1 which is General Math 1 and Principles of Economics. Regardless of how much I hate maths, but I still need to accept the fact and put alot efforts on it. Believe readers will know that i am weak in english, a lot grammer mistakes or even BROKEN ENGLISH?From now onwards, i wanted to improve my english by watch english movies, hear english songs, or even read newspaper?"The most important things is conversations" Andrew said. Ya, i agree with that. I will try to do those things when i am free.

I haven't been home in one week now. How i wish i can go back today. =( At least go back home, my mum will take care of me! =) no doubt, i am still a BIG CHILD! I need people to take care of me when i am SICK!! Can you guess what's words can i describe it in kampar's whether? Its too FREAKING HOT. Most of the utarian are getting sick included ME. I am getting sick for so often, maybe mine antibody is not strong enough-(WEAK).
My nose kept flowing, and i got no others way to control it except keep wipping my nose! Damn annoying!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

M bad friend!

I admit i am bad sometime, maybe everytime? I love to disturbing friends while they are studying, i think this is called as bad friends, in chinese we called it as "shun you". Don't stay with me too close, you'll become bad boy or even bad girl. Of course, gossip is one piece of my life. I love to gossip alot of things. So, this is the post to let you know more about me.You are free to choose whether want to make friend with me or not? but the choices you make will determine your tomorrow. So, think twice when you wanted to walked into my life=) I am a bad friend.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010




Monday, August 2, 2010

July 22th (Wednesday)
So sorry readers, it been so long i never update my blog, I hope my blog not yet become death fish.hahaha! I got alot things wanna share with you all , but i couldn't find a time to blog, because most of the free time, i went to meet Mr. Zhou. I am sick since last week ago, untill now still haven't recover yet. So now, do you know why i always meet Mr.Zhou and couldn't find a free time? I think you got the answer!And now, finally i got the time to blog already, and also the mood! Clinique star tour 2010 had came to our campus on last thursday, I got the news from Pui yee.Thanks pui yee! Me, Lin Yun and Pui yee decided to have a try on it, since they helped us to make up , set up our hair and got professional photographer to help us to take photo.
Ops, too far!
Zoom abit nearer~!
We bought the Rm30 voucher at the booth and i am no.127, and the current number was just no.92.=.=.(After 3 hours...) Finally~ was our turn!!
Those make up workers must be very tired already, they works from morning to evening~Couldn't image how exhausted they are!!
Oh, forgot to mention, got two theme for us to choose. We choose Fresh and natural theme for our make up.Of course, I won't forget to take photo before make up.
Dark circle!!!

Deng deng deng deng~~
This is the outcome!!
(After make up)
That's all for the day~!

July 22th (Thursday)
My stomach woke me up early in the morning on that day, I am tired but i force to wake up to find some FOOD to feed my stomach.Urghh~~ After that, i went to meet Mr. Zhou again. Guess what happened next? I forced to wake up again. I went in toilet to do business. Guess how many times i enter toilet? 4 times!!! urghh, i am totally exhausted and its time for me to see a doctor since i am sick for few days ago. In the evening, we went for the onefm, in chinese we called it as yi hao qi bing. We played the game and won alot of prizes~
one fm
My prize~
mtv world stage live in malaysia 2010 ticket.

p/s: Special thanks to Apple gave me her ticket.

July 23th (Friday) home sweet home
Went back Klang. =)

July 24th (Saturday)
Went to Mtv world stage concert at sunway lagoon surf beach. Is a rainy day, we get wet after enter to the main entrance. Stand for 7 hour under the rain, is quite suffering when standing but i am enjoy the concert.I feel quite uncomfortable when standing at there.The concert is actually awesome, but maybe i am too tired to enjoy it. Let's the photo replace my words.>.<. Quite lazy to continue it by words..hahaha alot people q up~waiting to go in~
people mountain people sea~
leelian, me and han wei~

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