Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Everyone switch off the light at i was still sleeping just now, lin yun off the light and went out from the room. Lin yun saw me sleeping so she didn't off the fan and let me sleep, after that i woke up because is really too hot for me to sleep.. dunno why hahha.. i went out from the room and saw whole house is so dark..aicksss.. whole house no body , my housemate all went out for a walk i guess so..lolz of coz, we also went out for a walk..because at home really got nothing to do without lights!!! haha..and then we saw some ppl shouting "OFF LIGHT OFF LIGHT"at westlake..they are shouting to those who didn't off their lights..We called pui yee and meet up with them. After chit chat usual I would say time is running very fast9.30 already..yay can switch on the light hour is over!=)

Utar(perak campus) available room

Room available to UTAR ( PERAK campus-harvard) student..the room has all the facilities you need such as bed mattress, wardrobe, study table and others..common area: Tv, sofa and so on..the price are very CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP... ONLY RM210 for single room..BELOW RM200 for double room. For reservation or need to know more information you can contact me or msg me...

(Double room (MASTER ROOM) is just RM200 each person included internet. Electric and water not included yet..if included liao around RM210-RM230 ONLY) msg me for more information..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Management studies

Yesterday was my mid term exam-management studies. I take 3 days to study this subject.i feel so stressful before the day of the midterm. i try to make myself relax..but..say easy cannot do it. i was wake up with a shock because of the nightmare...the dream is so complicated, i feel so nervous when i was in the whole body was sweating till now i cannot describe how the dream is. Most of the reason is stress create the dream kua~~ funny !! So glad to tell you(readers), i answer all the question given..hehehe.. yay!! yeepee!!!Oh ya, yesterday i cook dinner for myself... anyone interested? my secret recipe(special invention) fried really delicious..but cannot eat much for those on diet people..especially lin yun MUAHAHHAHAHAHA..A very latest news from me, for those who always stay connect with me will know that i am gonna shift house to Howard after 2 months.. double room to single room. =)..The fee is rm210 for single room.(included furniture, and personal bathroom) too bad that not included internet, water bill and electricity..but if add up all the fee.. is around , is quite cheaper than others. I will post up my new room picture once i shift to there!! =)

my dinner!!! =)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hello sem 3~

yoyo~ 3 week holidays so fast over already! Don't feel like wanna study yet lea~ haihhx~~so boring~This sem is a short sem..7 weeks only! omgosh week 5 need to pass up assignment already and week 4 got mid term test! what the tooth!!!this sem really stress me out ! my Last sem final exam result already out, i am quite disappointed about my result.. although the result can let me stay at utar but i am not satisfied Larh!!!! nvmind , this sem i try my best to get higher marks..urghhh~~ oh yaa.. feel like wanna move to single room...dunno why? Feeling kua~!haihhxxx~ today mood not very good actually.i stop here and continue nxt time~ sorry yea!


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