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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blue ocean strategy vs Red ocean strategy.

Hey ya, i am finally back to the place that what i suppose to be! Felt sorry to my loyal readers , because has been abandoned my blog for quite a long time.*Take a bow* So, how was my life, is everything goes fine? How to say so. It's a feeling that cannot describe by words. Too bad. Y1S1 degree is officially a tough way to go however i think it will goes to the end. Time flies, REMEMBER?
First of all, i would like to blog about my first talk in degree- Innovative marketing from blue ocean strategy tools. Wasted my rm80 to hear the super-duper-boring talk. The main purpose of attending this talk is to claim my soft skill point. So, no choice. forced to hear. I wish to escape for it but there is not more than 50 people in the class, it's obvious if i escape. =( And the talk is super-duper-LONG, it is from 9am to 4pm. zzzzz!!!
Break time- Breakfast.
Snaping photo around here and there

The mihun is so PEDAS!
Come back again and do some activities in the classroom.
Break time again- Lunch. Having KFC as our lunch.
Back to here again!! zzz
Tea time!
Looks like indian movie right? hahaha
=)6 of us.Besides that, we are having presentation too.Our "aiya" product- DARLE
Presenting~ Lastly, the talk has finally comes to the end. Group photo!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Found out

I found out degree lecturer are very lan c. The method she scolded us, the way she teach us, the way she speaks, the action she do. Everything she do will shows us her LANC faces. Maybe you are not agree with what i said, but i do hate the lecturer so much, as much as Sand. Stupid!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

First day of Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year guys~! Just to wish you good luck in everything, and of course, stay pretty and handsome always. =) Daddy and mummy- Serious looks.
Daddy and Mummy- funny looks.Ee-Jo and his mummy. Woke up early in morning just to go temple to pray. After that, went back home and do nothing. Till 4pm, went to cousin house to gamble. Night went to friend's house.What a lifeless new year. =Duh=

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reunion Dinner.

What is the meaning of reunion dinner? A reunion dinner is held on New Year's eve of the Chinese New Year, during which family members get together to celebrate, which means dine in together. This day is just a normal reunion dinner which i celebrate with my family members only since my grandma is not here anymore. But for me, this is a meaningful day other than father's day and mother's day.
Saw the picture above? It's nail art. Actually, my friend draw it for me but i accidently destroyed it, so i re-draw it myself. =( Anyhow, i still satisfied with it.


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