Friday, April 30, 2010

Muahahhaha 3 down 0 to go~

Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!final is over yay! hahaha Today is april 30th, is time for me to check out my room before 4pm.After my exam over, jia yi help us to carry our thing to their house "tumpang" first, after sem break finish only shift our things to new house..thanks jia yi the house owner havent give us the key yet, so that we cannot straight away shift things to new house.. and then me and lin yun went to the danish house office to check out~ sounds like hotel huh ?hahaha..Bye bye 1589 hihi 2071 =) .. So, i will leave kampar at evening 6.30pm ..reach klang is about 9 something maybe? meet wif you all if possible lar.. i WANNA WATCH IRON MAN 2 I WANNA WATCH ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE? here i come , KLANG~ I am BACK!!!!! ^^ I know my holiday might be boring , i wanted to find a part time job to work.. any part time job available for me now? pls contact me if got any available job. Promoter , sales girl, office girl also can.. haha. i need money !

p/s:Oh ya, almost forgot, i am here to wish you HAPPY 19th belated birthday, so sorry that i cannot celebrate wif you ..too bad =( anywayz, wish you all the dreams come true , be happy what you having now~ Happy belated birthday~!Bryan Lee Leong Yau

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 down, one more to go!!

Yay!! one more to go one more to go!!!Management studies~~For those who took 2 subject only, i can believe that they are flying in the sky now =.=!!!Gong Hei Gong Hei, you all are completely finished your foundation course already~Congratulations!~ urghhh.. i still got one more to go..tired dey .. untill now only i know, thinking something can waste you alot of energy, yesterday(not yesterday is today morning 2am) i ate a burger..for normal day, i won't get hungry so fast, but today, when i am sitting for my examination, i feel hungry.. =.=AHHHHH i no energy dy~~~ good night!

Monday, April 26, 2010

One down, two more to go~

Yay, calculation subject is over!! yay!! When i came out from the class, for sure..everyone pass by will ask me..."ying, you know how to do?" "duno ler" i replied...My friends are discussing their question paper, but i don't,because i know the answer sheet is already pass up, can't do any correction also, you will feel "AM TUI" if is careless mistake..unless midnight i go steal the answer sheet and correct it ...such a good idea! Next subject~ PROGRAMMING!!!!coding coding~ confuse subject dey! I will try my best to do it well lar~Oh ya i will back to klang on Friday night!I wanna watch Ice Kacang Puppy Love~Can anyone accompany me to watch this??
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Count Down-2 days

Shoulder Length =.=

Yeah! My hair is getting longer and longer!! Lin yun hair is getting shorter and shorter.. muahhahahah!!!!! Shoulder length i most hate it! make my hair looks messy.......ishhh..Count down for exam.. still got 2 more days to study .. Yesterday,i already try my best to study.. i got study at least some.. not much actually..too bad wey..Beng motor to chow yang's house to do revision with john Diew?..End badminton wif chow yang pulak.. How funny?i sweat long i nvr sweat really very comfortable after sweat.. my mood is coming back i think!! muahhaha.. yay! is time to study hard and study smart dy! yeaH!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hard to Concentrate..

I don't know what wrong with me again.. I feel like don't have the mood to study..maybe Is too early to study? No, i know the answer is no..3 more days.. why i still can't concentrate..urghh? where's my study mood?Everyone want to get good result isn't it? i am not exception too right? But sometimes, i really hate myself why being like this? why don't you just open your book/notes force yourself to study and shut down your lappy for whole day..I know, this doesn't work for me..i can't let my lappy become heart will get itchy want okay?Facebook? i am addicted to facebook nowdays? Not nowdays.. since the first time i played facebook.=.=Everyone,everywhere, when i saw people using their lap top, 10 person 9 person are playing facebook..sweat, even old man also playing GAMES?lols!!! okay..fine i force to stop here, because my eye is getting heavy and heavy, i need to go to bed! good nights!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



Friday, April 9, 2010


第一, 要笑


就这样,简简单单的过了一天~下次见啦!! 拜!

p/s:要对那些热爱打篮球的朋友们说:“对一位运动员来说,脚很重要,要保护一双脚呢是要会选一双好球鞋,因为一双好球鞋,才能保护好一双好脚呀!! 拜托你们啦,不要每次都脱鞋打球,好吗? 脱鞋打球,脚就会起泡,然后就拔脚皮啦,拿脚皮来丢人啦!恶心死了!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Friend wrote this

My friend wrote this at her blog, i feel so accurate so that i copy and paste here~!

1.当你收到“你干嘛呢?” 实际上是想说“我想你了”

2.当你收到“呵呵”, 多是没笑或者傻笑

3.但如果是“哈哈” “嘿嘿”或者“嘎嘎”,这时你打过去一定是在笑

4.说你“傻瓜” “笨蛋” 其实是关心你,担心你,希望你照顾好自己


6. “哦”多半是在敷衍

7.但如果是“知道啦” “收到” “遵命”之类的则表示比较在意

8.有时 劝你忙自己的,其实他口是心非

9.把他的傻事 丢脸的或是失落的事告诉你,是希望你安慰他,开导他,甚至骂骂他

10. 主动发给你,说明你在他心目中有一定的分量,一般人不喜欢和不在意的人罗嗦


12. “我刚到” “我已经到家咯”说明进屋第一个想到的是你

13.“你到家了就告诉我一声啊” “你到家了没啊?”意思是我要你一定平安,我不许你有事

14.有时不会那么巧就错发给你,可能是他想发给你又实在没东西发,虽然这样很 蠢



17.有一阵你没有 收到过他的短信,但并不代表他草稿箱里没有


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

-Week 6 -

As usual, i would say time is running very fast, week 6 already!!! Next week is the last teaching week, after next week, it would be study week..then final is coming..although this sem i only take 3 subject, but i feel so hard to achieve my target! =( is quite tough enuf =confusing subject, programming=blur subject and management=compare to the two subject, this subject i think is more easier KUA~!hahaha okay, fine...anywayz i will try my best la to score! =) april 30th might going back klang (sem break), i decided to find a part time job to work since i at home also got nothing to do. Anyone? If got any part time job available, you can contact me or leave a comment here.. i will reply you as fast as possible ..Readers, pls help me click the nuffnang adv if you are visiting my blog , i need quick money urgently ~ Help me! thanks alot!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Hey hey.Why i so late havent sleep yet? yeS! you are right! i am busy doing something (maybe)hahaha Since my groupmate still doing assignment for the programming..i cannot help anything at here i decided to blogging lor..i am so sorry that i cannot brain only know how to display "totally blur" this two words..all i can say is sorry...hahaha what i only can help is.. help chooi han to ask the question to anyone throught msn..hahahaha.. what a great helper =.= omgoshh..i heard something..chow yang said he wan to go mcd? lol? funny right? what a crazy fella..i know he was just joking.. but i trust him will go there since his stomach is playing drum...loll.. oh yaa, so sad to tell you readers, my laptop is currently in "dying mode" haih..sadd.. one week cannot online dey..i can't live without my laptop, so sad..still hoping professor faster rescue my laptop.. aiyayaaa..oh yeaa.. today evening 6.30pm i will go back to klang..yeah yeah =) so meet up with you if possible.


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