Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Khor Wen Xian.

楼上那张画, 是我好不容易画出来的,
但却有很深厚的故事. 怎么说深厚呢?
就是不久以前,我认识到一个, 从远处就可以感觉到很骄傲,不友善的人.
左边的那个人就是我, 眼睛小小,个子小小的我,却死都不承认我很矮!呵呵!
右边那个当然是那自称为世界华裔小姐的她, 想带她去看医生,因为我觉得她的自恋病有点严重!!是死鬼严重那种.
当我看到她写给我的那篇po时, 讲真的啦, 我有少少被感动到啦,虽然十个,有九个都在suan siao我...但我不介意,因为以前都是我写给人,没有人写给我...好啦, 谢谢你啦, 在我这么stress的情况下写了这篇来逗我笑!! 所以我就告诉我自己,一定一定要好好的回一篇po给你.
对了,她有说过, 我的出现是她的荣幸,因为站在一起,她就显得比较漂亮.
天啊, 天底下居然有这么卑鄙的人,心机重过她的体重. 哈哈!!! 没有啦,开玩笑! 呵呵呵呵呵呵呵!
认识她? 我的不幸?
说不来啦, 因为认识朋友是我最荣幸的一件事. 我喜欢看朋友因为好笑所以笑, 他们开开心心, 我也会因为他们的开心而笑. 所以我不介意当那个被笑的人.
咸鱼, 你很好, 你不需要锁上那扇藏在心里的门, 放开你的心, 去看看这世界有多么的美好. 虽然社会有很多很多小人,但你可以换个角度去看看这世界. 我不会讲"鸟"啦! 自己去分析啦,拜!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Lee Hom Music Man II 2012 Concert

Today, I would like to post about my super handsome "boyfie" in my life- LeeHom. I waited for it like few months ago and finally it came!! Once my friend told me she bought the ticket, I was like damn freaking excited and looking forward to the concert!!! *SCREAM* The day finally came and I am so excited and being hyper for whole day.  
Outfit: Wearing red color spaghetti strap to the concert because  红--->宏

Before i proceed to the concert, I would like to share about the 3gs casing. I done it by myself when i saw leehom post his casing at weibo. I know mine one is super fugly, a big way to improve. HA-HA-HA but still
I am satisfied with it. TEE-HEE!
We reach there around 6pm, and it's crowded outside! Everyone is buying the merchandise of leehom.
Not to forget, take a photo to prove that i am HERE! OMG!
Thanks to her who actually accompany me to leehom concert. Without her, I can't attend this AWESOME concert!!

Searching for the best spot for ourself. 
LALALA  Love this!
Filling up the stadium merdeka! 
Even toilet also need to q-up for so long!! LOL 
Can't get good shot of leehom because my seat is so damn far away from the stage. 
It's raining on that day, but we are just too love him and willing to watch the concert UNDER THE RAIN!

Few nice shot from my camera. Can you realize the real people on the stage?? HAHAHA!
I love the piano so much!

Honestly, I study P.R course is because i wants to be the organiser of leehom concert event. This is my dreams, my purpose of studying this. I know, it's crazy dream, sounds like stupid dream. But in future, who knows what will happen? 

p/s: Homaniac, let's support him forever and ever!


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