Tuesday, July 27, 2010


头痛找上我了,不知为什么,我觉得我的身体越来越弱?看来我要在sem break的时候去医院做一下body check up.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Half day doing assignment at home. I feel so tired and wanted to find Mr.Zhou. Tomorrow we want to consult teacher although due date is at next week. Since no one volunteer to combine the assignment, so i just do it. The job is very easy, just combine all the term together in one main file. After my class, i went back home and started combine the terms. Microsoft word is the only thing that ruin my day.That's the problem...
Damn bloody hell!!
Red=Need to do correction
Blue=the correct one

I can't describe it in words, but i print screen it to make it clearer what's i am trying to say.
And lucky, professor helped us to solve the problem.Thank you!

p/s:I am so 奔波!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


不要犹豫了,答案是“”, “就是”。


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chooi Han's birthday

We celebrate Chooi Han's birthday at Grand Kampar Hotel.Enjoy the photo!
The birthday girl-Chooi han and me.
Me and lin yun
Me and apple-Pei Jun
I am hungry, i need Food!!!!
From left to right, Pei Feng, Pui Yee,Jia Yi,ME,John,Chooi Han and Sotong.
Pei feng and me.See his kiam pa face.The wearing light blue colour shirt-Jeff.The blur shadow-definitely not ghost, is Jia yi.
See, I am pulling whose ear?
Oh shit, he revenge!!!
Me and John
Louis,Pui yee and me
Pui yee and me~
Here comes me again~

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Friday, July 23, 2010


Actually today i wanna blog about chooi han's birthday , but there is lack of photo in my comp. So, i decided to delay it to other post. Stay tuned. Alot nice photo are waiting you to see them!! By the way, i wanna to wish her Happy Belated Birthday right here ,right now. I think this year should be her memorable birthday, a big big "surprise" for her.You(Chooi Han) know what i mean if you're reading my blog.I wish you all the best in your study, of course have a good health too! A boring Fri-Day, i wish to have some activities, but no activities for me to attend.Damn boring wey.Since got nothing to do, i watched taiwan drama again. I loves to watch drama~ especially Taiwan drama and Hong Kong drama. I had addicted to dramaS since i am 15 years old. =) My eyes feel so tired after watching a few hours drama. Oh ya, forgot to intro the drama tim. The drama that i watched today is Calling for love, in chinese we called it as 呼叫大明星which acted by taiwan-Mike He(贺军翔) and Hongkong-Ah Sa(one of twins member). I got not much to write about it because this is a very normal love drama. You can watch this if you do really got the time to watch. The story is quite interesting.

P/s:Special Thanks to Chia yee who helped me download the dramaS!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Went to Ipoh for buying some stuff and help Lin yun find her new slipper because her slipper was stolen by someone on last week.Actually, we can start the journey to ipoh at morning, because of our(me and Jia Yi)class end at 1pm and we are having mid term test on that time. So, they decided to waited us. After that, Chloe went to the Office and ask about the transfer course
things, and then we went to pick the car at NEW TOWN(NEAR TO THE GHANY)!! OH GOSH!Why did they park their car at there? I was wondering. We walked through Ktar to New town~I need to suffer for the HOT under the BLOODY HOT weather, not only me, all of them also having this kind of suffered i think =.=.Finally, we start our journey to ipoh after Jia Yi went back to take money. Me, Lin Yun and Chloe was busying taking photo in the car.
I am quite lazy to type words, so~ Let the photo draw on my post!
What are they doing behind there???
Me and lin yun
4 of them excluded me! =(
I always like to do this face~So,if you don't like to see, shut the page down.i don't mind.=)

That's all for today~
Blog dismiss~!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

He, was my lover for yesterday, but not today,because he disappeared.He protect me all the way from somewhere to somewhere.He would rather sacrifice himself to protect me.I waited him to say i love you for so long, but he didn't.So many people chasing me with a knife, I was so nervous and don't know what should i do for the right time. i'll been caught by the enemy. He came to rescue me with his handsome sport car.And then....because of SOME VOI
CE,I woked up~ DAMN BLOODY HELL!!!! Nevermind, i will continue my dreams once day~Oh yeah, i saw his handsome face. I wish i can meet him in real life~=)Sweet dreams!<3

In the afternoon, Jia Yi, Gee Keong and Kevin came my house to do revision for tomorrow test.Don't say we didn't do revision arh!~ The photo is the prove!!
3 of them
Gee Keong
Jia yi
Here comes ME!
HEE~~ >.<>
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Monday, July 19, 2010


Why i am blogging right here, right now?For the main purpose, once a day when i am married with a guy i love, and we have our own children. i wanted to share out my past to them. To let them know what silly things that i did before, what special things that i had , what mistake i had done at my past. I couldn't remember every moment in my life, so i decided to blog it to let my grandchildren to read it.So, sometimes when i free, i will read back the older post to recall back what i had done at the past, what the special things go through in my life.I can make it for permanent memory, but not temporary memory. I am human, of course i will get old , my memory will slowly degenerate. This is the way to let me recall back the past. Blogging is like diary, record the things you had been through.Futhermore, Blogging is also the place for me to express my feeling. That's why, i love to blogging.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gan Mei Yan(颜微恩)

Yesterday went Jusco and saw Gan Mei Yan(Myfm Dj-Ah Lian) promoting the clinelle face product. They're having the activities to let us win the prize. Jusco is not flooded by people~ I think some of them don't really know gan mei yan went there to promote the product.Since there are not many people, so i walked nearer to see gan mei yan.At the same time, i was waiting leelian to meet me.No doubt, Gan Mei Yan is really slim and pretty.She was dark, yet healthy looking.Finally, Leelian came and meet me infront of lavender~I played the game and win the prize~=) Hee.. Of course, i also had the opportunity to take photo with her. =) This photo is the prove~She is so slim~

Oh ya, I ordered LeeHom latest album~and the great things is the album cost me Rm45.90 only~~=)

P/s:I need money so badly~!=(

Friday, July 16, 2010




Toe injured~

Today i am so unlucky~Just now i was accidently pulled the drawer too strongly, it's too late to know and the drawer dropped and kena my toe~ Is so painful!!How to say? I was suffering the pain about 10 minutes without shouting.My tears was dropping~~~T.T"You know how pain is it? You tried before?

I wanna share out a photo that make me laugh all the time when i saw the photo~Deng deng Deng deng~~~Let's welcome our friend, John Diew~~Professor took this photo when he was eating his meal~ Funny face~ ahahha

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No mode(mood)

Tomorrow is my mid term test for accounting. But i still haven't touch the notes yet.Sei lor sei lor.Not because of i feel confident in this test, is because i don't have the mood to study.hahaha. I am always like this, thats why my mark like that.Bull shit marks! So? What should i do? What Jian Le said is right, he wish he got a switch on his body which got study, normal,and play mode.So that he can in study mode for a longer time. Of course, i wish have the switch too!Just now, Jia Yi fetched me to train station to buy train ticket.
I am going back this Friday.Feel so happy that can meet my family soon on this coming Friday. I miss the Baby(Yi Zhou) alot too!
So yeng huh ??
Jie Jie~ When you coming back? Hope to see you again to give me mumm mumm~~

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010



听了柴米油鹽醬醋茶以后,给我的感觉是具有感动与温馨的一首歌,剧情有点像UP那部戏。平凡带一些不平凡的旋律,超棒啊!最令我想不到的是,徐诺瑄写的歌词,果然让我感觉到很感性。她写的歌词加上力宏的ABC音调,简直是完美的组合! 得空的话,你们可以看看这个Mv。不骗你,真的很好听有好看 =)力宏最近要出新专辑(十八般武藝)以外,还要出新戏-恋爱通告(Love in Disguise)。本人真的很期待这个戏的到来~男主角当然是王力宏,女主角而是刘亦菲主演。帅哥+美女=棒及了!听说这部戏的导演是力宏,他首次当导演,认真请教大导演-李安,成龙很多。他希望可以好好拍出让大家耳目一新的作品。所以支持力宏的歌迷朋友们一定要观看这部戏!导演有廉男主角的王力宏,真是忙透了~祝:力宏专辑大卖,票房大卖!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Girls vs Boys

If you got the chance to choose the sex for your next life, what would you choose?For me, i would like to choose to be girl again. Yeah, many girls would like to choose boy for her next life, but i don't.Why?Actually, to be a boy is more advantages than a girl.You all should know, every girl will suffer on menstruation period every month. This is the first disadvantages for being a girl.For boys, they can go out late at night and their parent won't get worry so much. Instead, girls cannot.The third one, girls need to pregnant nine month to born a baby.Do you know being a pregnant women, they need to suffer in almost everything, they cannot eat "cold" food, must walk carefully in every moment, suffer backbone pain, leg cramp and alot more.Well, since being girl got such alot disadvantages, why i still choose being a girl for next life. There is the answer. Girls can make up herself to make their appearance more pretty.For boys, if they make up, they will looks more gay in his appearance.Perhaps, some artist need to make up for their performance, so, we cannot blame it.Girls can wear pants while boys can't wear dress. They will get attract by people with despise eye if they do really wear it.Okay, lets talk about the main point, boys have a big responsiblity to take good care to girls. Of course, girls too.They need to work hard and earn alot money to support their family. This is the big responsibility for guys. If they failed it in his job, they got nothing, many people will look down on you. Being a girl, if you do really failed it in your job, you can find a rich guy to marry it. Of course, you must find a guy who love you and you love him too.This is why i choose being a girl on my next life. I know, some people who don't agree wif my point. Each people has her own opinion. I am just share out my opinion and don't care much about it.

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Friday, July 9, 2010


Since i am 8 years old, i love to watch doreamon cartoon.Although their languages is MALAY,but i do really like to watch it.Not because of the language, is because the anime is DOREAMON.Yeap!I read doreamon comics too! The comics was so interesting. Sometimes, i could not stop imagine i am Nobita. Firstly, let me briefly introduce the main character on this comic which is Doreamon and Nobita.Doreamon is a cat like robot from the 22nd century of the future.In chinese, he also known as Xiao Ding Dang.He loves dorayaki which is a sweet bean paste filled bun(dou sha bao).Doreamon afraid of mice and hate rats so much, because his ears were eaten off by rats.He has a pocket which can take out alot of amazing tools.Doreamon was send back to 20th century because Nobita's grandson can't bear to see his grandfather suffer.So he send Doreamon to help out with Nobita's troubles. I though Doreamon is the main character of the anime but i am wrong. According to my search, Nobita is the main character of the comic.Anyway, he is a pretty irresponsible boy. He always get 0 marks in his test and that really hinders his chance of getting hooked up with Shizuka.Well anyway,whenever he falls into some kind of trouble, he always wants Doreamon to take out the amazing tools to help him out of it. In so many amazing tools, i like time machine the most. What is time machine?Time machine is the machine that can send you back to the time you want or send you to the future, which i hope for a long long ago.For those readers who got watch "The Mysteries of Love(谈情说案)" will knows that Professor Kings(Kingsley) also want to invent the robot. If got any scientist got view my blog, I hope you can invent the time machine for all of us. We do really NEED IT! thanks!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


昨天在mamak的时候, 我们聊着天,不知不觉聊到了洗脸。
Apple就爆料说Chia Yee曾经说过他用了林峰代言的洗脸霜,就变成了林峰~真是的!真不要脸!
过后Lin Yun说假如真的有那么好的话,我用林志玲代言的洗脸霜,我就不是变成了林志玲? 这个故事就从此就变成了大家的笑话~ Lin Yun
Ling Zhi Ling

Chia Yee
Raymond Lam

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Monday, July 5, 2010

2nd Home

Yea, today came back to kampar to continue my life at here.This is a fact, I must stay at here by myself and no family at here. Without their protect, I must learn how to protect myself.Yeah, that's true!I knew I am not very pro in protecting myself, keep on fall down or accidently hit something. My skin is just like a "Glass Skin", if accident hit something, my skin will injured(Black Green). So, i must becareful on everything, even walking also must be slowly.Ok~ let me share out what is going on just now.Yesterday i was at KL sentral to wait the train to Kampar at 9.45pm.First, i sat the train to KL sentral from Telok gadung train station.The clock was showing 8.01pm at that time and the train to kl sentral was at 8.13pm. The train was delayed and i don't know what time the train is coming.The clock is showing 8.20pm already, but the train is still haven't come yet. I started panic. I scare i miss the train to Kampar and i had morning class on today.Tick Tock tick tock, yeah, times runs~ the train finally arrive at 9.24pm. Phew~ Scare me!After that, me and lin yun went in to the train and wait the train to start the journey to Kampar. Of course, i am not willing to go back Kampar and i might hoping i am staying at Klang untill the next morning.=) heee! What's happen next? Ngek ngek ngek? The train stopped at somewhere else i don't know where is it. The place quite near to the slim river station. Me and lin yun was wondering why the train stopped so long all the time since one hour ago. "No petrol kuaa" I said. Yeah, i am right, train no petrol!~ hahaha. The other train came and rescue us? They put in the petrol and settle everything. Finally, the train move!!We suppose reach kampar at 12am midnight but we reach here almost 2am.See? Their service and system is so sucks! Why they don't just check everything before the journey start? No choice, Malaysia mahh~ Siennn

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Saturday, July 3, 2010






Friday, July 2, 2010

Back to Klang

I am going back to Klang later morning.I can't fall asleep now and i decided to blogging to passed the time.Yeah, as what i usually said, time is running very fast.2 weeks over and finally i can go back again. Oh ya, i am totally broke now days. Actually i planned for saving rm100 this month, but i over used it and my bank left rm25 only. So, if anyone wanted to find me out for shopping, sorry, i can't make it~

P/s: Recently, i am addicted to "cao ren bu hui fei" this song which is sang by jay chou. Love it so muchieee~~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Iphone 3gs

I believe that those who knows me deeply will know that i want a 3gs iphone for a long long time ago.3gs iphone is so costly and i really cannot afford on it.Yesterday noon times, me and louis went for the phone fair which located at Kampar-New town(near go gossip shop).I walked in and starting find my dream phone -iphone.Well, i know the original iphone won't sold at this kind of place, i try to find the iphone that made in china.Finally, i found it! Yeah, the china iphone is cheaper alot alot than the orignal one.Its cost Rm650 for the iphone which looks the same as the iphone.Actually, still got alot kind of iphone, they made the iphone just look alike the original one. How Pro china is?Not only made in china one, i went through the road, i saw the iphone which made from Singapore.Yeah, singapore one.I think singapore one will better than china one kua~ I was wondering, the function good to use or not. After that, we went back uni to renew the id card at block F, and then block B.On the way to uni, i message my bro, i ask him the cost of china iphone.He called me after that.Yes, he ask me " you wan to buy issit? Don't buy the china iphone, its easy to spoil and not nice to use also.What happen to your phone?Spoil already?"I answered"gonna spoil, sometimes will auto off."He said"ohh okay."I decided to buy a phone for myself,and of cuz,the iphone is so costly and i might give up buying that iphone.After a few minutes later, i received a text from my brother,"give me 4 lucky number, i kena i buy for you" Woot!I knew it couldn't kena so easily,need the luck to kena one okay?I gave the 4 lucky number to him then.After i receive this text, my heart feel warm~ Thanks bro!I knew you are the one who always sayang me ~~ =) After everything was done,we finally went back. I was praying today 4d must kena~Praying hardly!!!!Gua ni ma popi ,guan gong popi~ everything also out~At last,also din't kena.I was so innocent. No such good thing will happen on me if i do really need the luck~Perhaps, the god is totally treat fairly to every human in this world. No special treatment for me.Sometimes, i wanted to talk to god, i wanted to ask god how was human being like this, why human always request more and more, why they don't just content with one's lot, just like me. i am greedy, i need more and more, i want more and more~How could me be like this~ i hate this kind of me. And now, finally i got the mood to blogging ..chatting with pei feng and had a video call with him.SEE! what he did when we are video calling? LOL
I use print screen to snap the screen, so the pic got little bit blur, so sorry!

P/s:I hope i can get iphone one day, i will wait untill that day~ =)
-Dara planet-


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