Sunday, January 30, 2011

Red Red.

I am gonna wear red red on this year because red represent lucky and many good things. Of course, my nail too~ =)'
Chinese New year is around the corner yet the feeling is not coming on my mind. Why arh? This new year will different from last year because there is the one who i always respect with had been taken by god already. i don't know how many year i stay with her, but for sure is more than 15 years. There is still a sensation between me to her. She is the one who always i respect with. I miss you ah ma. =)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where i belongs to.

Finally back to Klang with chinese new year mood~~~*kiss the floor* Klang is always the best place for me to stayed at. Love Life~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kong ming Deng.

Yesterday went to pasar malam to search for my dinner. While i am searching the food, i saw the there are someone selling kong ming deng (Lantern of Kong Ming-which we can called it as chinese lantern. Chinese new year is coming soon, so i bought one to play play.

Wrote our wishes on it.=)Group photo before sending the chinese lantern to airborne.Sending the Chinese lantern to the airborne. Not only us sending the chinese lantern, but others too.lalala~~Peace!Unfortunately, our lantern dropped at half way, because there got a hole on it. LAU HONG! They found and picked the lantern wishes, we decided to burn it but the paper is anti-fire one~ zzzzz so we cannot burn it KANASAI!
The chinese lantern, it also means fly lantern, loving lantern, kong ming lantern, health lantern, whatever you want called it as. It can fly to the sky like a kite. People usually write their wishes on the lantern and hope it can take their wishes to the sky and make their wishes come true. I don't know its true or not, but then this is our chinese traditional, i will follow the traditional because i am a traditional chinese people. hahaha! But then our lantern dropped at the half way, that's mean our wishes cannot come true lor? Sad~~~~~i am going to buy a new lantern again for my wishes to come true.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She said

I am here again. *winks winks* Woke up early in morning, not as early as yesterday, feel my body so stick with the bed and blanklet, mind was empty, woke up and then lying to the bed again. The leg was not willing to stand up, but my mind was motivating me to wake up to attend the class!URghh, the alarm clock was so annoying at that time. Feel like wanted to throw it into the dustbin but i couldn't do that, because that's my BAOBEI iphone. @@ Okay, what to post today? Let's talk about what the lecturer speaks today. Ms.Gan says, many Utar students died on last year, if you are utar students, i think you will heard it before the news, Three students of the Utar drowned after they were swept away by a sudden torrent of water at the Batu Berangkai waterfalls(if i am not mistaken the place) in Kampar. She said, one of the victim was her student, she feel sad about the case and she advice us not to take the risk to waterfall instead of playing water in Sunway lagoon. When she talk about this, i saw the tears rolling in her eyes. The story made me think of my friend-Chloe. She had pass away last year.She give up everything in degree just to change the course to the public relations. She suppose to take the same course with me on this semester, but who knows the god had taken her away from us. =(

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i Squeeze!!!

What i usually said, worm is for early bird.Successfully found a seat for myself in the bus. Woke up early in the morning to wait bus and the bus comes at 7.17am. YingYing woke up early in the morning because of waiting bus, no such things! You do not believe it but this is a fact! You forced to , you need to, you must to believe it! For the last time, i don't even can wakeeee up so early to attend those ANNOYING classes instead of SKIP class. But for now, i am a good-hardworking girl. No more late sleep life, no more mamaks, no more wetting outside till midnight and so on. Well, what is the benefits for waking up early? Good for health of course, breakfast is not going to miss it everyday, can hear the birds chirping around from here to there,from there to here,breath of fresh air and the main things isss, i got the seat in the bus! LOLS. I stayed at harvard, there are not much bus come over harvard so there is the only bus which is 7.17am in the morning. The bus came to harvard FIRST only go westlake. See the picture above, there are so many people waiting for the bus at westlake, some of them successfully squeeze into the bus, some of them failed to squeeze in, perhaps some of them are just standing there to wait another bus to come. hahaha! okay, i should stop here now. Bye peeps!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Kevin kevin see here!!

Happy birthday Kevin. Hahaha! He is the guy that like to speak" bird language" to us. A very funny guy that i almost act him as a girl. Not because of his attitude, is because he always join us( we girls) in everything and everywhere. What to say somemore leh, haha! err..hmmphh...ermmmm...In short, he is a good guy la but then not available dy hahah. =) Kevin, happy birthday, wish all your dreams come true. Best of the best luck in your studies~ Stay Endao~ LOLS



Saturday, January 22, 2011


Nothing to post about today. Because i am totally dunno what i am doing here right now. That's why i am here. Hahaha. It's boring-hot-melt day.Spend 2 hour playing " Chor Dai Dee" with my housemate, to make the time goes faster as well.What should i do in Kampar now? No movies, no shopping.With this kind of life, i can say my life is-so NON-meaningful. Well, i know the coming weeks is busy for me, and i need to start my study and the super-duper-thick book/notes. Promised myself to study every night so that i won't carry" Guanima's leg" when the exam is around the corner. I bet this promise can really be a promise because i promised "her" and "them" not to ruin my future and get a very berry good result for them. Okayy, seems like nothing to post about already, bye peeps! have a nice day!



首先,我要向大家说明一下,我不是以下作文的作者。再次誊清一下,他是我一位朋友用尽脑子想出来的作文。当然,我不会透漏他是谁。这篇作文是在我Foundation Year One sem One的时候,朋友想的,我觉得他讲得很好笑,所以就把它写了下来。我一直想把这篇作文post上来,可是每次我的脑子就一直把这件事给忘了。直到前几天,突然心血来潮的想把地上零零翠翠的Notes, 课本,还有一些废物给整理一下。在我把那些废纸丢掉以前,被我发现了这张旧得发黄的纸。(发黄?有点夸张~!)想知道作文写些什么,请耐心阅读。


每当我看到镜子里面的我,我就想起一星期里面被欺负的画面,我就很愤怒,可是我被欺负过后,我回到家跟我妈妈complain liao很多次,反而我妈妈翻过身shoot我shoot到死死。从此以后,我立下决心,我要当那个被欺负的人的朋友,我要帮弱小的动物(人),当他们有困难的时候帮助他们。我要伸出我GuanNiMa的手,助他们一臂之力,打死那些Fan Chiong。当我看到比我强大的人,我要逃走,让那些弱小的动物自身自灭。
我要当一个愤怒青年,偷人家车的Tayar,把他们车的窗口打破,我要去抢老阿公和老阿嫲的钱。我要当一个小贩,可是不是卖干捞云吞面,而我要卖Curry面。我要当一个奉公守法的小偷,我不偷钱,我不抢钱,我偷衣服(branded)和食物( roti )。我要做一个警察,我要做一个爱吃钱的警察,为了我的前途,我每次拿10 cent,20 cent, 50 cent 和一个金墩来锻炼我的嘴巴,我要变成一个很会吃钱的警察。

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comes to my mind.

I am a university person, and still i am a young-active-happy Teenager. I won't waking up late today, and i will definately won't waste my precious holiday. I will make the day more meaningful others than study.Ciao~By the way, Happy Thaipusam. A outing post with "fever gang" in 2011.We went to watch Homecoming(笑着回家) and great day(天天好天) once a day. Tiring my eyes, both movie also touching. I recommend it! FANTABULOUS!!!!!i am not wasting any tisu to wipe my tears there because i am a greener! *winks winks*

Infinity Love:
Mum: Daughter, i feel so heart pain when i bought a cloth that cost me Rm150 for myself. It's expensive.
Daughter(Me): Mum, don't feel heart pain about it, one year one time, new year marhx~
Mum: But i will feel the pain larh, haih.
Daughter: Mummy, why you didn't feel any heart pain when you bought me a dress that cost us Rm90? That dress is normal only, not very special also.
Mummy:Dear, if mummy bought you a things that you like, i will never feel heart pain. You are my daughter, I love you more than love myself.
Daughter: Mii, why you love me more than love yourself, why don't you love yourself more than me.
Mummy: Dear, you 'll know when you become a mother.
Daughter: Hmmm..Mummy i love you. =)

(I am planning to buy a watch for my mum.) When this situation comes on my mind, i will feel that she's giving me her infinity love. Mii, i love you. I know you won't get to see my bloggie, because it's english unless got people kepoh go speaks to you. Ish!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


To increase my nuffnang traffic, to maintain my reality readers, to improve my english, i think i should update my blog very frequently. Honestly, i am Lazy. To achieve my target 3 flat, i think i should do it as well. First of all, i would like to say, congratulation to me myself for upgrading to degree already. As i mentioned before, i am successfully graduated my foundation already. Well, first day of degree, nothing special about it, no more a bunch of friends, only have 2 friends same course with me. I should be unhappy or happy? Don't know. My life will goes tougher and tougher, and i need to be a NERD here to study from here to there, from there to here. I guess so. But still i 'll know the things i do now will benefits for my future. That's enough. Bitter first, sweet later. So, guys~Let's fight to the end. =) Go go GO!

Love Life <3

Monday, January 17, 2011

First day of Degree.

First day of degree~What should i feel? Excited-Happy-Unhappy-Nervous? The feeling cannot be so easy to describe by words. You know I know.Woke up early in the morning and rush to campus to take my timetable because utar portal did not show me my timetable. *Bang my forehead* Thanks to johnny who willing to fetch us(wai yee and me) to the campus. =) Settle our timetable things and we went to block A heritage hall to donate blood. And sorry to say that, i am underweight, was not allowed to donate blood. Below are the Donater~ hahahKevin-Second time.Johnny-First time.Jia Pei- Not sure.

Extra: Believe that the man who love you the most is your Daddy.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Singing is the only things to help me express my feelings.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


阿嫲在一月四日, 早上大概十点多的时候,往生了。今年九十岁的她,死于老死吧。活了九十岁的她,拥有了九十年的经验,九十年的engine。终于在一月四日停止操作了。我只好在这里向你说声,阿嫲,谢谢你,对不起,一路走好。很庆幸的是,她往生的时候,我有照顾到她。我们永远怀念你。

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 GO GO GO!!!

New year, New life, and also a New Ying Ying! The year past just like a lightning~I wish i could stay at the past but this is definately a stupid thinking! Yeah right! Actually I wanted to update my xmas and new year post, but my hand will never try to be hardworking after the exam. Yo! My loyal readers are running to the other side but not here! T.T sad~~~I felt so guiltyyyyyyyyyyy! So sorry! Okay, let me to tell ya a good news to begin the post. I am successfully transfer course from Business Information System to Public Relations already!=) *Peace* I think i should set a target for me to achieve, i could not be a lazy girl like last time already. Can-not! 3 flat is enough for me actually. Cannot aim 2 flat because 2 flat is like... a danger line for me? So wish me luck then. =) Good nights!


Nah see this! Just a short post to tell readers i am lazyyyyyyyyyyyy to update a long post!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


My blog is so dead! Just a short post to tell you readers i am alive! just lazy to update my blog only. I got alot things to post about but my hand is always so lazy to type words? Why huh? By the way~ Happy New Year! LOL


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