Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice Festival~

Hey peeps! Happy Winter Solstice festival!! Already ate your Tang Yuan? For me, of course!I love this festival very much, because i love to eat Tang Yuan汤圆. Just simply mixed it with peanut, that's delicious enough. But i more prefer inside of Tang Yuan have black sesame. That's my favorite. Hee! So, haven't eat your tang yuan, go and search for it now!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Casing.

Can i do exactly the same one? Leehom is using this iphone case as he show it at sina yesterday. Feel like wanted to own it one too. Hee! Muacks!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bell rings~

Ding ding dong ding ding dong~ Ho Ho Ho~ Merry Xmas. Times flies by a blink of an eyes. Just like we are racing with the time. No matter how fast we run, we will always become the loser. Sigh..Till the end of the month, i recall back alot memories between us-Not others but Utarian, foundation crazy fellas, the friends i know in Utar. So glad to say that i am so proud to know you guys. Really! I love being with you all sometimes. The jokes, the funny action, the "lamb" chop and many many more. Appreciate alots man! I cannot list it out the name here because it is too much for me to list it down. You! the one who reading my blog. Thanks for being my friend! Once if i'll become the old woman, i couldn't recall back my memories, but still, the photoss and blog are still remains. So, this post will be the past and i will definitely loves my past. Trust me!The happy memories, the sad memories, will always stay in my heart forever and ever.Last but not least, good luck to those who sitting for examination. Think for our future and Do our best in the exam. Cheers!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

不要! 不要!

2012 好像真的会到来,真的很怕有一天,一睡着,就永远起不来了。
再也不能呼吸着 空气中的空气。

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday is "POP CORN" Day~

MBO cinema -Harbour Place.Had a great time with my bestie-Leelian to watch 2 movie in a day. And this movie is suggested by Thiam Hock. Finally i watch it!! Hahaha. A very funny movie and this is acted by malaysia actor and also singapore actor. The only one singapore actor! LOLS..We watched this movie at 12pm and the movie end at 1.30pm. And who knows, the room only have 4 person watch only, included me and leelian. hahaha.After our lunch, we went for another movie- Narnia 3 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I had been waiting this movie for very long ago. That day, i wanted to watch this but my FRIEND -ONG TUN SEAN don't want to watch, so end up watch Rapunzel!!!! And this time, i won't run the opportunity to watch this. Ngek ngek~Thumbs up for this movie!!! Love lots!
I love Narnia so much, the story is so fantasy. I cannot wait for Narnia 4 dey!! and i hope got Narnia 4 Lorrrrr!! Haven't watch this movie yet?? Grab your pop corn now!!! =) Thumbs up thumbs up!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Finally i got things to update already!! Went to government clinic yesterday which located at Port Klang. Oh yea i just wasted one ringgit for my X-ray. Damn cheap right? hahah!!! I am sick since few days ago and i also need to do the health examination which required by UTAR. For every new intake, the health examination is compulsory. zzzz!!! The health examination only required chest X-ray only so we nonit to X-ray the whole body.As i mentioned before, i got a seriously backache and i went to see the doctor to check about my backbone. And this is the report for my backbone.Senget? yeah senget =.=!!!
And this is my Chest X-ray~~lols. So, i will be at home whole day because the medicine that doctor gave is damn bloody Sleepy~ =)

End post with this "sleeping photo". =)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flynn Rider aka Eugene.

Hey Peeps, what's up? Firstly, feel so sorry that never update my blog for these few days? I wanted to update my blog almost everyday but the ideas never pop out on my mind! And today finally i got things to blog about it already. Yesterday had a brunch with my besties at a restaurant which famous with their "Pai Kut Peng". After that, we went to watch a movie called" Rapunzel". It's a cartoon. The story talk about a lost princess that kidnapped by a bad woman. The Rapunzel has a magical hair. When she sing, her hair will turn gold and shining. The bad woman kidnapped her because her hair will let the bad woman stay young forever. It's a funny cartoon actually. Their face expression, their action will make you laugh out really LOUD! hahaa. So, go it have a watch! No lies, it's really awesome! hahaha

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


昨天早上,很早就起床了,原因呢? 就是要下怡保唱K。 为什么要特地下到怡保唱K呢? 金宝没有吗? 不是啦! 金宝的A-Box很烂, 很少新歌,不合本小姐的胃口啦, (你知道的啦,本小姐很快update新歌的。)首先,我要谢谢Wai Yee. 去怡保和回金宝都是她的家人载,万分感激呀~路途中, 我的肚子顿时痛了起来, 好不容易挨过那段路程,终于到达了目的地-Jusco。本小姐可是忍无可忍啦,向着厕所冲去。过后, 就到MCD吃早午餐。等着Terry, Juneling 还有johnny 的到来。 过一阵子, 我们就去K-box了。唱了3个小时半的歌,我的喉咙终于顶不顺了,开始沙哑了。到现在,我的喉咙是痛得无话可说。其实还满意今天的游记,只是节目有点不丰富。哈哈!就这样,过了一天。今天要睡个好觉,明天打包行李回家去!抱歉,由于Juneling没带相机,所以就没有照片分享啦~大家晚安。=)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Specially post for HER!

So, what do you mean her? She? Who is she?
The ONE who are staying beside my room.
The ONE who always fetch us for dinner.
The ONE who very smart on studies.
The pretty ONE!

Do you guess it correctly?
No, you doesn't! Because you don't know who is Her.
Deng deng~~Is her!
The birthday girl~Apple, happy birthday~ wish all your dreams come true! =)

False eyelashes.

想说最近好像很爱打扮,可能长大了吧,爱美了吧,前天还特地跟朋友去买假睫毛来玩。第一次把男生朋友的眼睛来做白老鼠。 不好意思哦, 呵呵!很短的一篇,只是纯粹分享而已。

Sunday, December 5, 2010

GreenBox with my JiMuis~

Lame post again? No way! I am sick of those post already. So, this will be my outing post again. The day before yesterday, i was in Klang and of course i will be outing again and i don't wish to stay at home to be "babysitter"? No way!! I am boring with it already! Duh~We went to Aeon jusco to sing k and lucky ya i have bring my student id card although the card was already expired. Luckily the girl never saw it, if not i think i will pay for the normal price and the price is around Rm20+ and the student price was only Rm11.50. Could you see the different? LOLS!=)
The room was cold~ and i need a sweater to warm me up.With pretty Xuan~
With the lovely Jo.
Yeah, i know i was look like so happy.With the so sweet LeeLian~
Me and xuan- The background.
A sweet gang~While singing~
Wan qi too "high" already~
Not a perfect group photo because without Jo. =(

Friday, December 3, 2010

The nature.

有时,我们眼所见的是一个丑陋的东西,但换个角度来看,也许会不一样.很高兴的说,今天又是一个美好的一天,我还呼吸着,看着这个美好的世界到来.接触大自然, 你的身心也会慢慢的与众不同.

Sometimes, our eyes look at an object is an ugly things, but from another point of view, maybe will be different. Very glad to say that today is a good day, i am still breathing and the earth is still moving. Watching the arrival of this beautiful world. Touch with the nature, your mind and body will gradually different.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moral Kempen Euthanasia.

As i mentioned before i will update my moral presentation, and since i am free right now, so i update it now.Hehe So, let's start now.hahaha, we always love to start our assignment or presentation on last minutes, that's us! So, we start our rehearsal at two days before the real presentation.These is the backstage photo. Hope you will enjoy it.She is one of our actor-Bao Zhou Po.The bayi koma.DaTou and terry~We are prearing those tools.She is busying doing the slide.
The talk show group~
Start rehearsaling~What am i doing~ hahahah. I feel like sleeping on that moment. See, my panda eyes appear already!!Appreciate the moment stay with you all. Love ya.Let's the photo draw on my post.I am discussing with them about the drama, NOT bullying ah~Professional me! *be hiao ba-ing*Group photo!

Before the presentation starts, we need to prepare our tools and the tables~ The poster!
Our drama actors~The actor-Cheong Gei who work at the Kasino.(G.Keong)The actor-Bayi Sotong.(Sotong)The actor-The man and the woman.(Wai yee and Jia yi)
The actor- Man(Wai Yee)The actor-Woman(Jia yi).The actor-Robbery(Kevin)The actor-Doctor(me)The actor-Gangster(Terry, juneling and DaTou).I am so lazy to type words~~~forgive me please.stand till so straight! lols
Huai Ren~
The woman sit till so rude.
Make up-ingChanging heels~
The mirror. =)
Dr. Soh~
The cheque.

The nerd style~
Ying-don't want choy you dy laa~~
Kevin- kns! me too~
The talkshow begins~

Group photo again~

cute siah hahahaa
On the next day, we went to ghany for the last gathering before i going back klang.

Try our best to block DaTou~

While we at Mcd.
And the next station-Westlake.

Before we went back to our own hostel, take a group photo sin~ The clock is showing 6am~ LOLS.



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