Sunday, June 28, 2009

D.I.Y steamboat~

Yesterday we went Ipoh to watch Transformer 2!It was awesome!=)I give it 2 thumbs up!It had a lot of action and was funny as hell. AHHHHHHHH I can't wait for the third one!!!!!After that,we went supermarket to buy our steamboat ingredients...We make a lot of fun at there..
Beli Sayur~~~~

Flower girl? LoL
thumbs up!
which mEe is better?? faster choose~
which one you want?
i giap i giap i giap giap giap!!!!
woahh! i am gonna marry!lol
i pretty or not??
he marry(i become flower girl ,YEPEE)=)
xi guaaaaaaaaaaaa sha guaaaaa
we 're DONE!!pay money!!
me,pui yee and wei shan~yingying vs pui yee...
we having our d.i.y steamboat at chia yee house~
First! wash all the vegetable 1st!After that cut the meat into pieces..
WAsh vege~~
wei shan~ cut meaT into pieces...woah!! danger!!done~!^^EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hungry dey!!!
woot! ho liao!!wei shan vs pui yeeheee! say cheeSE!
Tat's all for yesterday!!~

(To Be Continue...)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Raining day...

My Friend had an accident yesterday, god bless her! she didn't injureD,luckily!For those who studying at Utar, cycle to school everyday..cycle carefully when raining~ Tat's all i want to say... (short post )

To Be Continue~~
i went back to my hometown-klang...We(chie yi ,linyun and me) go back by bus to KL sentral and then chg train to telok gadung..We reached Klang almost 10.30pm .When i reached telok gadung,my fren(hock) phone me..he knew that i reached klang dy,so he ''chio'' me go out yam cha at modern(mamak that near my house).I called my mum fetch me to modern to meet up wif my fren.I saw my frens!!!!! LeeLian,HanWei,Kok Keong and Hock! lol..We keng kai till 11+ then hock say he want go back he fetch me go home....YAY i reached home at 11.45pm...HOME SWEET HOME!! the FEELING is different!!LOL! After bath,i ''keng kai'' wif my long din ''keng kai''wif my mum... alot thing to say..After that,went to bed oink oink...
In the morning,mum bring me go port klang eat...Yesh yESH!!! nonit i pay .....(coz at kampar,i need to pay it myself)lol..Afternoon..melisa chio me go aeon jj to shopping!!!!!!!!!!!YUHUUUUUUUU!!! i so long din shopping alr.Reen come fetch me and we reached aeon almost 2pm++.They decided to watch movie,Blood-The Last Vampire(horror movie).Maybe is too long nvr chat with leelian alr,we talk loud and chat loud inside the cinema!!!After our movie, LeeLian decided to go lim teh again...she call me don't go back so early coz i Sunday going back alr...LeeLian accompany me to eat mCd as our dinner.Thx Ya! Kok Keong came and fetch us to jeth tat day.So sorry to make you wait for so long!!Hahaha paiseh ya KK...kampung girl long time din shopping alr dey..Bryan,Soon Keat ,Alex,Hock and Han Wei came and i started get bully!! eeeeeeee what lar?!hahahaha
Me and LEe!~
Me Vs LEe

My family bring me to go eat breakfast.. After that, go back kampar by train...nothing much~~
~The End~

Saturday, June 13, 2009


After our lecturel class, Me,Pui Yee,Crystal,Chooi Han, Chow Yang and Foong Lin went to reading room to discuss how to do mind map -Festival in Malaysia.After we done our mind map,we started crapping ..and..i take photo with my friends..They so shy to take photo wif me i dunno why?LOL? just take photo only ma? What so SHY huh? hahaha..And we know a little cute fren today, his name called Qin Yi(issiT? i forgot already)he stay at west lake-manchester too... 1587...near my house only ...(1589-my house num)so... ngam ..ahaha,okay..i upload some photo tat yesterday i snap ...

Ying vs Foong Lin(the drive car want)

Chooi Han(The Ride MoTor want)vs Ying

Yesterday me,chie yi and lin yun went to eat bbq steamboat at newtown-kampar.Something like BBQ plaza actually...oF coz ,BBQ plaza is much nicer than thiss..We called one set of food, and started... to eat and play...these are the photo...i snap

Lin yun bbqing her chicken meat!~=)
chie yi~~ wat u doing? don so kan cheong larr...

(To Be Continue...)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i m back!

I m back!!!ReadeRs! i am here to say sorry to everyone that i didn't update my blog on 5 days alr! Not because i i am busy +tireD!!Actually yesterday i wanna update,but then too tired end up run to bed and SLEEP!ahaha... Kampar is So bloody hoT! i haTe this wheather and i love this environment..and i HATE HERE GOT NOT MUCH ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my friend asked me, KAMPAR near cameron highland right? the wheather sure very song onee...i answered.................the wheather in kampar is absolutely DIFFERENT with CAMERON HIGHLAND LARH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZ!=.='' BLOODY HOT!!now days, when sleeping,i nonit to cover soo soooooooooo sooooooooooosooooooooooooooo HOT! andd my fair skin become dark and darker....zzzz..dun shock when you see me! Oh ya! Hock sent
his pic to! i think he shuld be miss me too much larr...CheerS!!!!!!!!!!

(To be Continue....)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My Leg getting worst....and worsT?

Today...i finish class at 10a.m. No more class AFTER 10am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!Chie Yi also finish at 10a.m. But she got class at 4.00pm!!! Lol...So, she decided to go back wif me because she said she very sleepy..wanna nap awhile.When we walk to blog D(the place we park our bicycle)..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz FuLL of Bicycle!!!!!And Chie Yi can't find her bicycle.Her bicycle is almost the same wif others.Lucky!!She park bicycle beside mine...because mine handle got put the ''KAIN'' want.Easy to know which is mine.( ''Special'' )...Full of bicycle.tat's the problem.. how should we cycle out??the others bicycle blocking our roaD? how do we reverse?LOL..Let's See Chie yi how to pass the mission ..hahaa..

(To Be continue...)


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