Thursday, July 28, 2011


Guess what? I didnt slept for whole night. My eyes was getting smaller and smaller.*cheh cheh*Had my breakfast at mcd around 5am i think. Feel so tired yet semangat wey. Don't know why i getting so excited during the so called mid night. Maybe because of my sleepiness had over. We rush for our movie trailer, edit and combine everything with sound effect. It is so difficult to find the suitable sound effect for our movie trailer. Anyhow, we still manage to finish it on time and we are quite satisfied with the outcomes. *yihee* I will be acting in the movie trailer. Stay tuned for it. Once my press conference over, i will post it up. =D

p/s: Rush for my magazine assignment again. Will try to update more about my sucks life. =D

Right angle.

Searching the right angle, right position, to achieve our goal? No way,maybe i should say this, wrong timing, wrong position, wrong angle. Please la people, is time to play ,then play, is time to study, then study, is time to MEETING, please concentrate on the meeting. Please don't waste people time to waiting. I know after i publish this post, sure got people though i am too serious on the task that we are handling now. Be honest, i am a straight forward people, once i don't like the things, i will speak out loud. That's my attitude, i don't think i will change it or whatever. I tension about my future, because i failed on the last semester. Diligent than others is the only way. *so what? no one cares okay? *

I care about my future. Do you?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Suck word use in which sentence is the most appropriate?

Facing lappieee for don't know how many hours already, but i still manage to take out some time to eat and sleep larh!*laugh* If i am not mistaken, i think almost everyday i slept at 2am or around 3am in the midnight time. I feel so sick to face the assignment from day to night, and night to day. Assignments are killing meee so fast, killing my age, my skin and everything. Want to rest awhile also cannot.*sign*. Please allowed me to complain my assignment, after complaining, i will be alright. Well, i suppose to do my assignment what? why i am here to blogging? Slacking around lorhhh.. =D okay, time to continue back my assignments. See ya guys! Bye!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Keep repeating the same things in my life. FML!

p/s: I wanted to blog something that happen on me for this past few weeks, but due to my problem, I cannot express my emotions, feelings into words. Haih~

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Old generation.

This restaurant was at Ipoh.. but don't know what taman la. Please go search for it from google if you really want to know where is it. This is the buffet steamboat where you can dine in whatever seafood there. Of course, there is also have sushi, grill chicken/lamb/ chop, duck meat and so on. Feel sorry to say that, I will never go for second time because the food are so .... BU HAO CHI. Maybe for others, ok larh, but not me. First time eat buffet eat till like... YIAKKKK! not recommended by me!!!! Still prefer go K-Kai or jogoya, since there are much more expensive than here. ~.~

Plan it.

I got a pimple on my chin. It's hurt when i accidently touch it. I am sure by tomorrow it'll will be a niceee "white head".

HEY guys, I am back!!!!Feel so strange with my blog, maybe i never update my blog very frequently since the last updates. Alright, I know is sounds so familiar with this sentence , but i really got nothing to describe myself already. And now, finally i have something on my mind to update. Nothing special, just wanted to do a planning for myself, to enhance my planning skill to get me in higher level. What for not doing it if i have the opportunity, right? ahahah!

Week 1
-Study study and study.
-attended the lecture class to listen lecturer explain about herself and also assignments.

Week 2
-Study! Promise myself not to skip class unless have emergency case.
-Start to do intro. to Av assignment I.
-The assignment is about interviewing people. *Example: what's your name? How old are you?*

Week 3
-Pass up my Advertising assignment.The due date was on Friday.
-Tutor briefly explain the intro. to av. assignment II content.
-Start to do research.

Week 4
-Learned something call Type of Advertising. Its our assignments question.
-To find the definition of the advertising and examples.
-Use search engine to find the information.

Week 5
-Start doing my Intro. to Av. assignment II.
-Done it by wednesday and pass up on Friday.
-Discuss mock press conference with my group members, and came out with the idea which is "jewellery".
-Decided to pick another topic that are more interesting.
-Start to do research for my individual presentation( Intro. to mass comm.) Decided to pick type of movie as my topic.

Week 6
-My individual presentation held on Tuesday. *feel a little bit nervous because long time never present it with my own.
-Public Opinion & Persuasion assignment must come out with a topic campaign. Need to discuss with the group members.
-Can start doing our group assignment " Magazine" for our intro. to Mass Comm.
-MUST come out with the mock press conference Topic for P.R. writing assignment.

Week 7
-Can start those complicated Media Kit, fact letter those things.
-Due date of both of the assignments mass comm. and P.R. writing assignments is on week 9.
-Due date of assignment III for AV assignment.
-So, do it as early as possible. Don't do last minutes work pls!

Week 8
-Photo shooting for our magazine.
-maybe our press conference presentation, not fix yet.

Week 9
-Due date of both of the assignments, maybe more.

Week 10
-Can start study for my final. Hope not to study in last minutes again.
-maybe presentation

Week 11
- Study study, maybe presentation.

Week 12,13,14
-study study for finals!

Week 15
-Study week.

Week 16
-Fight for finals! =D


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