Sunday, December 27, 2009

i m back!

I hope my blog is not totally dead yet! So sorry that i didn't update my blog for so long. Where should i start now? okay..let me share my sem 2 life with you...Sem 2 life~ is a scary semester. Most stress Semester? Maybe? for me. For others, i don't know~ they looks enjoy, and nothing to worry.. i started to worry about my future, I'm scared for my future. So? what should i do now? study harder and harder! Yup, Study Harder!! My mid term was over, i am glad to say that... i know how to do least understand what the question is asking. Sometimes, i was wondering why some of the people nonid to study, but they got a good results in their exam? why? whY? WHY? maybe i stupid? NO! not stupid.. NO ONE IS STUPID IN THIS WORLD, IF YOU ARE STUPID..YOU DON EVEN KNOW HOW TO USE A COMPUTER, MAYBE OTHERS ? Don't even say yourself stupid!! Maybe they are good in memorising? they know how to catch the point when lecturer teaching? i think so... for me, i not good in memorising, tat's y i need to study harder and harder. if study one time not understand, then study 2nd time, 2nd time not understand, 3rd time then!! till i understand. i believe! (i believe i can fly~) i can do it! for this sem! JIA YOU FOR MYSELF!!!! gogogogo!!That's all for today~!

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