Monday, January 4, 2010

happy birthday

Ng Lin Yun!! muahahhahahahahahhahah! happy belated birthday!! lol? enjoy your birthday right? haha at last you also didn't score !! and you play cheat! hahahahah.. nvm lar.. your birthday ma.. you dai sai ma~ right? hahaha once again happy belated birthday..hope you like the present we gave..=)

Yea... right.. other story again...
i said b4, i hate ppl LIE to me.. told ya ALOT ALOT TIME ALREADY!?but you lie me again? why don't you say the truth to me? whY?? THIS WORD AGAIN?"DON'T THINK TOO MUCH?LOL? i hear till sien already..i didn't think too much.., but you lie to me.. hey .. i wanna tell.. WE ARE NOT CLOSE FRIEND ANYMORE! NO MORE!i feel that.. you are very far distance wif me.. TWO GROUPS YOU KNOW? TWO GROUPS!!!!!!!


Jann said...

woo..who is ur that fren oo?
u sound so so so serious..

YingYing said...

haha one of my friend.. but then nvm alr..its over i don't mind already.. forgive ppl is my happiness hahah


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