Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blue ocean strategy vs Red ocean strategy.

Hey ya, i am finally back to the place that what i suppose to be! Felt sorry to my loyal readers , because has been abandoned my blog for quite a long time.*Take a bow* So, how was my life, is everything goes fine? How to say so. It's a feeling that cannot describe by words. Too bad. Y1S1 degree is officially a tough way to go however i think it will goes to the end. Time flies, REMEMBER?
First of all, i would like to blog about my first talk in degree- Innovative marketing from blue ocean strategy tools. Wasted my rm80 to hear the super-duper-boring talk. The main purpose of attending this talk is to claim my soft skill point. So, no choice. forced to hear. I wish to escape for it but there is not more than 50 people in the class, it's obvious if i escape. =( And the talk is super-duper-LONG, it is from 9am to 4pm. zzzzz!!!
Break time- Breakfast.
Snaping photo around here and there

The mihun is so PEDAS!
Come back again and do some activities in the classroom.
Break time again- Lunch. Having KFC as our lunch.
Back to here again!! zzz
Tea time!
Looks like indian movie right? hahaha
=)6 of us.Besides that, we are having presentation too.Our "aiya" product- DARLE
Presenting~ Lastly, the talk has finally comes to the end. Group photo!


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