Thursday, October 6, 2011


 I should talk about this today, this matter happened on last Sunday.This day is the first time i drove all the way to 1u from Klang. Normally, I drove in Klang area only.  The Feeling was great and readers, please pay attention on this, this day was the most memorable plus nightmare day I had in my life, and i tell myself i must record it at here. 02/10/2011. Before start the journey( ops, sounds like going a far far place), my dad help me check the water and those blah blah things which i ain't know what he actually doing. So, let's ignore it. Heee! The trouble appeared after the first toll. the temperature was keep increasing when i am driving and i started to panic and how i wish the temperature will not increasing after that. Sorry to say that's not working if i praying hardly in my heart. I dare you, NO USE! So, i drove slowly and turn into a junction to find a not-too-dangerous-place for me to stop my car, to rest my car. Phone my dad to tell him what's going on. Luckily Lin Yun was with me, or not i think i will feel more nervous and don't know what should i do at the right time. Special thanks to Lin yun. Mummy message me her sister number to me, and call me to call her because she stayed near damansara there. Refill the water and again, again and again. It is boiling~ can i have a cup of milo there with the boiling water?! HAhaha! Just joking. Call to foreman to help me solve the problem, he instruct me to check this and that, end up call me to rest 15-20minutes ,after that only start the engine and rush to 1u. He will go 1u to repair it after this.errmm Yah~
Not to forget, take a photo with the boiling car =D
Yea, I am definitely late for working, phone the supervisor and tell the reason why we are late. *feel guilty again*  Aherrmmm~! Clearing my throat! Throw away the mess things and start to work!!!

Mouth smelly?Find me!
No spirit to drivee? Find me!

Feel sleepy when studying? Find me! 
Yeah, you are right, i am promoting chewing gum~ 

p/s:  The paip jammed that cause the temperature increasing. Cehhh~

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sully86 said...

care for a tic tac..eheheheeh just kidding. Anyways thanks for dropping by my blog. Yours is nice. Keep it up


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