Friday, July 6, 2012

Step into the sea.

Whenever people talk about Malaysia, their mind will never missed out the word of "Summer". As for Malaysian, you won't have to worried about having enough layers to keep yourself warm or not during Autumn, Spring, or Winter. Here comes my update on July, to bring you to enjoy the seaside and sea world. It's July, how can you guys forget July is the best time to get yourself wet and enjoy the beautiful sunshine on the beach?! This is the second time I visited to Pulau Perhentian since don't know what year already. Actually was 3rd time, but the first visited was at Pulau Redang, with my family when I was standard 6 I think. We actually booked our air ticket one year ago which cost us Rm30++ only. So, why not? Grab all your luggage and step into the sea!!

It was nearly 11am when we arrived. I expected to see a lot of people on the beach since July is a peak session for beach lover but what I found was not much people travel to there. Maybe because there is not weekend, I guess?

After carrying our luggage to the chalet, we had our lunch in front of our chalet. Around 1pm, we sat speedboat and went for snorkelling.

I wonder why all the fish look at me like this? Maybe they thought I am an 


Angelina Jolie?? Just kidding. 

Fish talk, but in motion, I guess?

Sea cucumber? Do they look like cucumber?!? 

 Beautiful coral.

Bright orange intermingled with white stripe which we used to call it as Nemo, the clown fish.

The captain was trying so hard to search the turtle in the sea and he found it! 

They say it's vegetarian, but who knows? In shark's point of view, you look like 

So, we better stay a distance away from it. 

Ikan Bilis. 

I hope to get myself a jellyfish as my pet but too bad, most of people say that jellyfish are very hard to survive in captivity. Haihs! I love jellyfish, they are so much gorgeous compare to other fish. Aren't they beautiful??

Day 2, we went to Redang Island to have a walk. There have many souvenir shop and we bought some for our friends. Once we reached, I stunned for few second, because Redang island become a very crowded island as I can see the island was like covering by people. Gosh!! They renovate the island!!! Big changes compare to last time.  

Not to forget to take group photo!!! 

Beach look.

I love this photo very much!! Thanks to cherry for carrying me! HAHAHA!!

 Lastly, end this post with this bunch of friends. =) looking forward to another trip again.

P/s: Han wei is going to perth for his further studies, I wish him all the best in everything. =) See ya next year and take care! 

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