Thursday, September 27, 2012

Play like a boy!

Yellow guys! How you all doing? It's been quite a while since my last post, soreey! Don't understand why today there's a kick for me to blogging. Feel so guilty because I almost forgot to update my futsal competition as I promised my readers to update it once I got the photos from my friend. I got all the photosss in few weeks back already but still I don't remember I actually have something to blog. Once again, Soreey!! So there you go, don't have much photo because my connection is so s**ks all the time, seriously, day and night.
Let's start the post and please throw away the grandma story~
We have 3 coaches to lead us, Cruz , Kian Loong and also Mac. Special thanks to them. I know its very tiring to lead us. wakkaakaa.. The guy with green shirt one is Kian Loong, and beside him one is Linda. She is a good striker+defender. Without her, we can't win the match. =)
From left top: Shu Fern, Tina, Mac(coach), Doreen, Chee Ann and Sue Chye. 
From left bottom: Linda(Captain), me and Cherry.
 While playing~~
Tadahhh~~ got 2nd place!! first medal in utar.( abit shamed ) 
Again, group photo~
Personal portrait wakkaka
 Thanks to Yow Yow and Angela purposely come and support us! Special thanks to grace who draw a supporting card to support us!! Love ya!
Last but not least. with the championnn futsal team! 

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