Friday, December 7, 2012


Yello peeps! I am back to blog again since I don't feel like study at this weather. So cooling and I just woke up from a nap and I thought it was the next day. hahaha! Guess what, I still have to continue study whenever I feel I don't want to study any more. My friend told me that I am such a lazy person that always do something (pattern) to avoid study. Many excuses pop up in my mind whenever talk about study. My day is getting *nolight* because the *damn-finals*made me look like this. #DAMNYOUFINALS

Yesterday night, I don't know what happen to me, I having insomnia till 4am and I just couldn't fall asleep. #FML I feel so unhappy because i couldn't sleep like others! LOL! Anyway, thanks to my buddy who actually accompany me till this late night.  #thankyouforbeingsokind dey!  

Anyway, just a short update to boost my mood. Happy studying to those who sit for their finals next week! and good lucky to all of us! CHEERS! 

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