Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Don't Lose Hope Malaysian!

I feel like blogging at this moment, don't know why, maybe I wanted to make it as history to let my future me to read it. If you are Malaysian, you should know what happened in this past few days. 5/5 is our 13th time of general election. As you know, I don't like politics, I hate politics, I don't concern about politics in my country but somehow I know our country is getting even problematic than early years in this past few years, so i decided to take a look on it. I regret I did not register to vote as I am already 21 last year. Damn it. I don't know what is fairness in our country, because I saw a lot of dirty thing during our election. Bangladesh is not from our country but they have the rights to vote for our future government. As I know, Malaysia only have 3 ethnic, Chinese, Malay and Indian. What the fuck they have the rights to vote? There are many more and i don't want to list about it anymore. Feel so disappointed to our government. Haihs, but Malaysian, our spirit is unite! don't lose hope, we can change it again, opportunities are always created by us! 1Malaysia gogogog!

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