Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy Week~

So sorry for not updating my blog recently...i got alot of stupid assignment to do and my mid term test also.Mid term test make me so ignoring and finally is over! Foundation is so hard to study..seriously, sometime i dun feel like gonna study, but then i have to! For my future, i need to I MUST TO~!Is time for me to change myself! 1st time,i cried infront of my friend, coz of frustrate in something.Trust me, this time is my 1st time also is my last time! I won't make it happen again..Oh ya, i gonna change course to PR.Maybe that course is more suitable me?? For my Klang friends, Dun worry, i will be fine here and i going back klang this week, i really miss my hometown-Klang.Miss everything in Klang. My Talkshow is coming soon, is on nxt monday, so rush right? because WE are LUCKY NUMBER ONE!! 1st group to present! nice one! zzz.So , after my ''travel'',i need to rush back and PRACTICE our TALK SHOW! alamak!!

As Han wei said, Friends...... There are many type or kind of friends u will have....Have Lovely one, Caring one, funny one, crazy one, and also you will have ''tai chi'' one (everything will push to you to complete something), Lan C one, and so on.I am so ''GLAD'' to have this kind of friend! From now on, i will stay as ''NEAR'' as i could from this person. No choice, other than that, i can't do anything else. As my mum said, 出去外面住,一定会遇到各种各样的人。所以,忍一时,风平浪静,退一不,海阔天空。

See! my leg..ZZZ issit serious?OUCH!
kena scratch?!

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