Thursday, August 6, 2009

My talk show~

Hello, everyone! i am back !hahaha..My talk show is over!!!YEPEE! So, the nxt presentation is my econs and computer studies~=) My talk show topic is homosexuality~ is to share about gays and lesbians experience...i act as the lesbian(tom boy) LOL...teacher comment our talk show...Well Done,! Issit 1st group to present,the mark will be higher??? maybe? i hope so...hahaha lol..So sorry i can't upload the video here.. the file is too big..haha..anyone wanna see the video..can tell me, i will send to you through msn...xD
From left to the right...
Chooi Han as The neutral
Crystal as The audience
Pui yee as The host(louise)
Ying Ying as The lesbian(tom boy)
Chow yang as The gay (girlish)

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