Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hey ya!i hope my blog not totally dead yet! hahaha! so long din update already! sorry man!hahaha actually i got alot thing to post....but i lazy to write about it.hahaah.. this not the reason lar..the reason is ''too busy'' ...Last last week, my leg kena exhaust pipe~ so bloody pain!~now already recover but can see the scar clearly from far...omFg!
Last Friday, i went to Alor Setar to ''CHIAK HONG''!!!hahahaha ALOR SETAR!! The place is so bloody hot becoz of the burn paddy field.. LOL! But the paddy field is so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i dun even ever see b4 paddy field~ This is my 1st time to see paddy field..Green,Gold colour! It's awesome!=)I can imagine, if i lie down at the paddy field, what can i feel it?drink a cup of chocolate,WOOT! isn't awesome? lol!!! I MEAN AT NIGHT LARRR OF COZ... AFTERNOON YOU GO LIE DOWN,YOU WILL BECOME ROASTED CHICKEN! LOL!!What i still can say har??Alor Setar, nothing much, just Eat and See paddy field ny ,see the process of making rice?...samo got telekom tower,muzium and blah blah blah.But their food not bad wor..try to visit there if you are free ahhaha

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