Monday, September 28, 2009

The day that's belong to me

A surprise from my utar gang.. make me cry.. wanna know what 's going on? lol.. Chia Yee, Pei Feng, Chow yang, Jia yi,Professor and Jeff! i will always REMEMBER THIS!! They know i scare dogs and cats..So they catch a DOG to me as present..Firstly, they bath the dog , and then put it in a boX~While they prepare this, i was happily playing my FarmVillage..Lol..surprise coming soon...deng deng deng deng~~They came out from the room,close the light~~~Pei feng's face was serious, he told me that they wanna go back early,so help me early celebrate my birthday, and the present that they wanna gave me was on his hand.He pass me and i agak agak know what is it inside.They force me to open it.. lol i keep reject. i DON'T WANT TO OPEN! i know inside is ANIMAL! i dun1 oPEN!!!!!they force me to open..i run Last they open infront of me... OMGOSH! A PUPPY! Damn! is Black..i shocked and i RAN BEHIND! i CRied becoz of the shock! STUPID MAN!i keep shouting.. i DON'T WANT TO OPEN! I DON'T WANT TO OPEN! I ALREADY KNOW WHAT IS IT INSIDE! WHY FORCE ME OPEN WU WU wu~~~and i Hate YOU ALL!!!!!!! urGH ..not really hate la actually..just say only hahah i know you all are notty and playful ..So they gave me the surprise~ PRESENT-DOG! zzzzzzzzzzz ish...second time cried at chow yang house!! i PROMISE I WONT CRY AGAIN !!!!!!!HERK!

AhMa gonna leave kampar~So we decide to go her home to giv her a ah ma!~ she cried when saw us.. she is a kind of.. i dunno how to describe lar..just know is caring and loving.She was like.. sooo reluctant to leave kampar..hahaha dun la like tat ah ma.. 2 week only we will meet again..hahaha.She hug time to leave.. bye bye ah ma~~Later then, Chow yang called me, he asked me whether got thing leave at his house or not.. if got ..he say put at his house 1st..he going back to alor setar now..

At night, pui yee and chooi han called me out for yam cha.. After that, came back home and i am tired, i wanna sleep!! Lol the clock was showing 11.00pm and my birthday is on the nxt day..aiya..sleepy, go sleep 1st. i tell myself. Lin Yun also followed me time to sleep..she said...close light pls~*closed light* In the DARK ROOM AND DARK NIGHT, lin yun Started KACAU ME.. She KEEP TALK TALK TALK AND TALK... talk till hock called me..then she chase me from downstair to upstair.. i LOCKED THE DOOR AND DON'T WANT LET HER COME IN THE ROOM... she keep knock the door and say..ying, sorry lar i dun1 disturb you already,pls let me in pls plssssssss! OMGOSH, so noisy, so i decided to let her in..okay..she lie down quietly and don't dare to kacau me again ! MUAAHHAHAHAHHA.. it's work..! nxt time she kacau me again i lock her outside!To:Lin Yun NENINENIPUTPUT!!! was fun and funny! lol! she disturb me almost half an hour..i was wondering..why today lin yun so active har? active then me... the clock was showing 11.30 pm now..okay i sleep!

Sleep TILL HALF!!!!!MY PHONE RANG~is Sue Yee! urgh..i forgot put silent..Fine! i woke up and SEE!okay okay ..she wish me happy birthday~okay okay~
Suddenly~ deng deng DENG DENG!!!!!!SOH YING YING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!someone is shouting my name.and i recognize whose voice is it...NGONG NGIANG VOICE! ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YING YING ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~ ,followed by english version, chinese and then cantonese~i shocked! and i look down.. my dearest FRIENDS!! their hand holding a candle~ Pei Feng, Chooi Han, Pui Yee, Jeff and Jia Yi~i on the light! but lin yun go off the light......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol!?what happen? someone at outside?? happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birthday .......Is Chow Yang ,Chia Yee and Professor, Chow yang was holding the cake... urghh...this was my 2nd surprise.. okay okay.. i wont cry again.. lol i sMILE TO THEM !EH?! WAIT a MINUTES, chia yee and chow yang, i thought you all should be in KEDAH-ALOR SETAR?wh y you all still HERE!aiyo...COZ of SOMEONE birthday lorr.. MAke us cannot go back.. chow yang said.. LOL!!i Thought i THOUGHT!fineee.. speechless larr..Thanks for everything! really! After that, we went to west lake..and bringing the PUPPY also!Lol.. i dare to touch it already..and carry it. but still got little bit scare 2.00am.. we went back ...because tomorrow chow yang will be the driver and drove to his home town, so he need to have enough sleep..ok!They decided to eat breakfast at 7.00am in the everyone agree lor..okay! went home and SLEEP!

In the morning~ lol pui yEE come and fetch us .. go gam jing eat breakfast! WOOHOO!after that , say bye bye to chow yang ,chia yee ,chooi han and pui yeE!! meet u all after 2 weeks ! lol..Jia Yi ask me wan to go sitiawan or not.. of COZ WAN LAR!! i dun1 stay at here larrH.okay okay..half an hour later, he came and fetch me and lin yun..We went to professor house!OMGOD! SO MANY DOGS!..1..2....3...4....5...6....7...+MY PUPPY....=8..Sweating? how should i go out from car.. the dogs are staring mee...urghh.. lol.ok finee..we go eat lunch then..MCD!Let's go..After our lunch, and then the store ..after that we went to fetch pei feng, Pei Feng decided to go beach!...''BEACH'' yea i wanna go! i wan go i wan go!!!!!make alot of fun at there.. collect some seashell~Snap alot photo at there! haha...The clock is showing 5pm++ so, we need to go back already..i slept at jia yi's what's going on i dunno.. i just know that jia yi drive the wrong way.. turn here turn there?!~ haha poor little jia yi! birthday night~ Dinner=my cake~ ahhaha the time is showing 11.33pm.. my birthday is gonna over ! haha! ENJOY MY 18TH BIRTHDAY! thanks everyone! thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

The Day That's Belong To Me (The EnD)

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