Saturday, February 13, 2010

Currently at Klang~

I think most of my friends know i am back to Klang. My final was over! So happy dey!! Hahahha my final was over and CHINESE NEW YEAR IS COMING!! yay!! angpau angpau!! XD wish all of you have a very happy chinese new year. Although this year i got no new year mood, but i still happy.. so Long i didn't eat together wif my Long i didn't help my mum do housework...
so Long i didn't drive car, so Long i didn't call PaPa, MaMa and Kor Kor, so Long i didn't go out yam cha wif my dearest friends~LoL, everyone! i am back! i can do whatever i can!~ sem break got 3 week holidays. i will try my best to let my 3 weeks holiday become meaningful~I am so busy during this week! Buy new year cloth? Help mum do housework? do valentine bouquest? alot alot things~ i wish i can settle in one day!! =,= Like that i only got time to watch my favorite taiwan drama hahaaha. Funny right? Today, i help my mum do the bouquet, the rose pollen run into my eyes~ my eyes now bengkak-ing~ so painful and itchy..i hope my eyes will be better before chinese new year!!!Gong Xi Gong xi~

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