Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hello sem 3~

yoyo~ 3 week holidays so fast over already! Don't feel like wanna study yet lea~ haihhx~~so boring~This sem is a short sem..7 weeks only! omgosh week 5 need to pass up assignment already and week 4 got mid term test! what the tooth!!!this sem really stress me out ! my Last sem final exam result already out, i am quite disappointed about my result.. although the result can let me stay at utar but i am not satisfied Larh!!!! nvmind , this sem i try my best to get higher marks..urghhh~~ oh yaa.. feel like wanna move to single room...dunno why? Feeling kua~!haihhxxx~ today mood not very good actually.i stop here and continue nxt time~ sorry yea!

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