Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween night.

Oh yea~ finally i am back to update something. Teehee! Miss my words? Don't you? hahaha! What i am going to update today, hmmph?!? Halloween party?? Yeappps! How was your halloween people? Great for sure. muahha, i had attended my very first halloween party in my campus. YeaH yeah!
 My costume of the day~ and thanks for the face painting man. It's quite scary enough~ hahaha
 From left to right: Terry, Cherry, Ee peng and vivien. (p/s: terry's make up look like give people punch.)hahaha!
 Spot smurf?! 
 The group photo and so on.
 me myself.

Opps, the post is too short right? Sorry, i am so lazy to updatee already...hahahaha

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