Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Once in a blue moon.

Yeah, whenever i got nothing to do, i will think of my blog, hahha. I am back babe! So, what i have done during my semester break? Lazy cause of not working, Not working cause of no money, No money cause of no shopping. No shopping cause of? WHAT? bad mood is the only answer for me. HA-HA-HA I am broke in this month. SAD! Although i don't really spend money on eat. i spend money on friend's birthday present, new year clothing and also the most important things for girls~ -SKIN CARE PRODUCT- Duh!! okay okay... i know its boring. Fine... let's talk about something new? my result? no way! shame to share out. I see, hmmmmph~ oh yeah, i can talk about my PD count down trip for new year ! Should talk about this although it was a outdated happening trip! 
We did something special on that night. I feel awesomeee! Do you ever see people count down in swimming pool before?? Maybe yes, but seldom right?  
Anyway, this is a MUST to mention things in my blog, do you saw a guy with a DAMN-GOOD-IN-FACE-EXPRESSION looks? Yeah, it's him. Every photo, every angle, every expression.. I-M-B-A! 
Okay, let's move to another photo. Star-rian. An awesome group in my life.
Wetty body~ Nice view ~

We are always together. 

Not to forget, updating facebook after reached.. check in here and check in there. I just can't live without social life!  BLEHH!
Lastly, i love this photo the most, seriously! <3 ya so much!

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