Wednesday, May 13, 2009

StarT !!

Hey hey!!hello~~ everyone! ying ying is starting a new blog now!muahahahah so??? how was you feel?? surprize or not? the way,i wanna to spread one big news to everyone~ From now on , I'm a Utar's student now!! And I'm staying at Kampar!(Near right?lolz)Anyone wan come kampar''chiak hong''??can come visit me ^^I'll treat you a delicious bun curry chicken lol!!!1 more week...i gonna leave ''Klang''this small little town!!sobs sobs! nvm nvm..I 'll always come back every two weeks.23th May 2009 <---i will be leaving on this anyone wanna ''chio'' me come out..must faster lor...i got alot appointment want okay?(joking joking) hahaha.

(To be continue....)

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