Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Kampar Life~

Our new Decoration!~see!!!KING SIZE BED!!!
(wow!my bear sit till so yao yeng,samo posing )lol..

I am started be used to kampar life...Yesterday,we wake at the morning...After done our things,we go survey utar and go eat breakfast(the famous wan-gurney mamak).Around 10.00a.m something,me, lin yun and chie yi cycle to tesco to buy some important stuff,and we choose de most cheaper wan.
*at hometown(Klang)*-buy the expensive wan...(cause not i paying ma)
*at kampar*-buy the most cheaper how to budget when at outside.(cause i paying ma =.='')
After paying money,we going back...the time is showing 2PM!!!!!!!!!omgoD the sun!!!! THE SUN IS KILLING ME!!suddenly we feel..the road is so FAR and so LONG~~~~~~~we started sweating alot,my face turn red and hot.Finally,we reached home at 2.30pm, watch myself at mirror, OMGOD! SUNBURN,my fair skin...become DARK ALREADY!!!!!!!SobsssT.T! I SWEAR!!! I DON'T EVEN WANT TO GO OUT AT AFTERNOON ANYMOREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(seriously).After that,we mop OUR room!!! using a piece of ''KAIN'' to mop!!!lol how pity uss....sobsssssssssssssssssssssssssss.Oh ya,i post some utar view for you all to seE!!!!!!(If my bro saw this pic...he sure jealous wannT!!!)


Our First Delivery!(bihun-mine wan)guess how much the cost?

SeeSEE!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!LOL!!NEW TOWN (KAMPAR)

(to be continue...)

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