Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday morning,i receive a paper from unknown...zzz the paper put at lin yun's bicycle basket...and the paper is write for me becoz the name he/she wrote is To:ying ying,From :Vampire... and the paper write about...(ying ying,can i have your hp number?mind for me?)zzz swts...i already ask my housemate but they also dunno who is it...they joke say tat's is vampire...searching some one to suck blood...LOL..(The letter that VAMPIRE wrote to me...)

Yesterday is our 1st day of orientation...hear the principle to speech......zzzzzzzzzzzdamn kao boring !!!!!!!!!!i am suffering right there!!hungry somemore...The speech start from 9-30am to 2.00pm!!NO BREAK AT ALL!!After came out from the hall,we saw this! OMGOSH!! So many ppl q up to buy fooD?Make me no mood to buy fooD also.So,we decided to go back our hostel to ''makan sendiri''.

Canteen...FULL !!!!!!!!!!
woah? alot ppl right??
Utarian parking their bike at

Yesterday night,after our dinner,we went to west lake for take a walk and cycle around(coz too boring).we saw lui lang) park their motify car beside the lake,They open their car bonet and start on the music.Their bonet got alot of so nicee to see,but the noise from the loud-pipe Harley damn near made my ears bleed.My heart almost drop out =.=''.I keep pressing my chest so my heart wont too excited...At First,got one car only... follow on...11 caRs!!!!!!!Try imagine, 11 cars on the music TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!ahahaha..these are the photo i snaped yesterday.(SEE how cool is IT?)

(To be continue...)

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