Saturday, June 13, 2009


After our lecturel class, Me,Pui Yee,Crystal,Chooi Han, Chow Yang and Foong Lin went to reading room to discuss how to do mind map -Festival in Malaysia.After we done our mind map,we started crapping ..and..i take photo with my friends..They so shy to take photo wif me i dunno why?LOL? just take photo only ma? What so SHY huh? hahaha..And we know a little cute fren today, his name called Qin Yi(issiT? i forgot already)he stay at west lake-manchester too... 1587...near my house only ...(1589-my house num)so... ngam ..ahaha,okay..i upload some photo tat yesterday i snap ...

Ying vs Foong Lin(the drive car want)

Chooi Han(The Ride MoTor want)vs Ying

Yesterday me,chie yi and lin yun went to eat bbq steamboat at newtown-kampar.Something like BBQ plaza actually...oF coz ,BBQ plaza is much nicer than thiss..We called one set of food, and started... to eat and play...these are the photo...i snap

Lin yun bbqing her chicken meat!~=)
chie yi~~ wat u doing? don so kan cheong larr...

(To Be Continue...)

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