Sunday, June 28, 2009

D.I.Y steamboat~

Yesterday we went Ipoh to watch Transformer 2!It was awesome!=)I give it 2 thumbs up!It had a lot of action and was funny as hell. AHHHHHHHH I can't wait for the third one!!!!!After that,we went supermarket to buy our steamboat ingredients...We make a lot of fun at there..
Beli Sayur~~~~

Flower girl? LoL
thumbs up!
which mEe is better?? faster choose~
which one you want?
i giap i giap i giap giap giap!!!!
woahh! i am gonna marry!lol
i pretty or not??
he marry(i become flower girl ,YEPEE)=)
xi guaaaaaaaaaaaa sha guaaaaa
we 're DONE!!pay money!!
me,pui yee and wei shan~yingying vs pui yee...
we having our d.i.y steamboat at chia yee house~
First! wash all the vegetable 1st!After that cut the meat into pieces..
WAsh vege~~
wei shan~ cut meaT into pieces...woah!! danger!!done~!^^EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hungry dey!!!
woot! ho liao!!wei shan vs pui yeeheee! say cheeSE!
Tat's all for yesterday!!~

(To Be Continue...)

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