Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Everyone switch off the light at i was still sleeping just now, lin yun off the light and went out from the room. Lin yun saw me sleeping so she didn't off the fan and let me sleep, after that i woke up because is really too hot for me to sleep.. dunno why hahha.. i went out from the room and saw whole house is so dark..aicksss.. whole house no body , my housemate all went out for a walk i guess so..lolz of coz, we also went out for a walk..because at home really got nothing to do without lights!!! haha..and then we saw some ppl shouting "OFF LIGHT OFF LIGHT"at westlake..they are shouting to those who didn't off their lights..We called pui yee and meet up with them. After chit chat usual I would say time is running very fast9.30 already..yay can switch on the light hour is over!=)

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