Monday, March 7, 2011

Mummm mummmm.

In our life, there may be separate into 4 stages. New life to young, Young to teenage life, Teenage to mature life, and mature life to old life. As you can see which part i am right now.It's complicated actually, because i am standing between of young to teenage life and teenage to mature life. In this world, we are going stage by stage. Learn to walk, eat, run, play, study, and much more. Other than that, cooking is also something that cannot absent for life. I am a traditional girl, for instance, regardless how smart the girls are, they are also need to know how to cook.In cantonese, we called it as 出得厅堂,入得厨房. Me, Soh Ying Ying as a girl should be know how to cook right? Yeaah, I am learning from my friend. Yesterday my friend cooked us the dinner and there's are the ingredients.
After a single hour, the food are well prepared.

The traditional food- Hakka Meat. It's delicious. Yummy!

Today's breakfast+lunch.
双蛋瘦肉粥. This is cooked by me! HEE!
Okay, i crap a lot, it's time for me to end the post. See ya around!

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