Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yesterday was my Emotional Intelligence individual presentation, i don't care how many marks i get because it's OVER, and i couldn't make the change for it. So, just don't care about so much laa, since the subject is not counted in the CGPA pun, instead of pass or fail only. Muahhaa, as you know, degree life is tougher than foundation life. Those assignments question is very hard for me sometimes, i couldn't think of the point and don't understand what's the question is asking. Maybe i need someone to help or else i will use my so-call-dictionary to help me translate the meaning of the words. Well, was rushing the assignments were due last 2 weeks.

  • Multimedia assignment 1.
  • Emotional intelligence report.
  • Sociology presentation and report.

(Still processing...)
  • Emotional Intelligence quiz
  • Communicative English Essay Writing
  • Emotional Intelligence group assignment and role-play presentation
  • Public Relations group assignment
  • Communicative English Oral Presentation
  • Introduction to multimedia assignment 2
  • Public Relations oral presentation
  • Fight for our finals!

still have many more to go! *Hmmph =\

Before i start my hectic life, AGAIN. Allow me to sleep like a baby first. Was too tiring because didn't sleep well last night. Good nights!

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