Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do Re Mi, Mi Re Do.

I suppose to update my blog during the sem break, but always have nothing come across my mind and i don't know what to post about, unless my readers want to know how many times i went to toilet, how many hours i slept or even how many times i ate. And finally, i have outing post to talk about already. I don't really remember how many greenbox post i post last time, but i am sure that there is still have the same reason for every outing post, which is, our friendship were never be end till end of our life. A very random sing k post and i don't want to talk much about it.
Let the photo shows our happiness.
Their face looks familiar right? Because they always appear on my post.
Josephineee and me.
LeeLian and me.
Xuan and me.
Group photooo =D
End this post with this group photo. Friendship forever girls!

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