Thursday, July 28, 2011

Right angle.

Searching the right angle, right position, to achieve our goal? No way,maybe i should say this, wrong timing, wrong position, wrong angle. Please la people, is time to play ,then play, is time to study, then study, is time to MEETING, please concentrate on the meeting. Please don't waste people time to waiting. I know after i publish this post, sure got people though i am too serious on the task that we are handling now. Be honest, i am a straight forward people, once i don't like the things, i will speak out loud. That's my attitude, i don't think i will change it or whatever. I tension about my future, because i failed on the last semester. Diligent than others is the only way. *so what? no one cares okay? *

I care about my future. Do you?


sh0ckwav3 said...

That's the energry.. :)

YingYing said...

=D yeah, but not strong enough yet. =(


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