Saturday, July 2, 2011

Plan it.

I got a pimple on my chin. It's hurt when i accidently touch it. I am sure by tomorrow it'll will be a niceee "white head".

HEY guys, I am back!!!!Feel so strange with my blog, maybe i never update my blog very frequently since the last updates. Alright, I know is sounds so familiar with this sentence , but i really got nothing to describe myself already. And now, finally i have something on my mind to update. Nothing special, just wanted to do a planning for myself, to enhance my planning skill to get me in higher level. What for not doing it if i have the opportunity, right? ahahah!

Week 1
-Study study and study.
-attended the lecture class to listen lecturer explain about herself and also assignments.

Week 2
-Study! Promise myself not to skip class unless have emergency case.
-Start to do intro. to Av assignment I.
-The assignment is about interviewing people. *Example: what's your name? How old are you?*

Week 3
-Pass up my Advertising assignment.The due date was on Friday.
-Tutor briefly explain the intro. to av. assignment II content.
-Start to do research.

Week 4
-Learned something call Type of Advertising. Its our assignments question.
-To find the definition of the advertising and examples.
-Use search engine to find the information.

Week 5
-Start doing my Intro. to Av. assignment II.
-Done it by wednesday and pass up on Friday.
-Discuss mock press conference with my group members, and came out with the idea which is "jewellery".
-Decided to pick another topic that are more interesting.
-Start to do research for my individual presentation( Intro. to mass comm.) Decided to pick type of movie as my topic.

Week 6
-My individual presentation held on Tuesday. *feel a little bit nervous because long time never present it with my own.
-Public Opinion & Persuasion assignment must come out with a topic campaign. Need to discuss with the group members.
-Can start doing our group assignment " Magazine" for our intro. to Mass Comm.
-MUST come out with the mock press conference Topic for P.R. writing assignment.

Week 7
-Can start those complicated Media Kit, fact letter those things.
-Due date of both of the assignments mass comm. and P.R. writing assignments is on week 9.
-Due date of assignment III for AV assignment.
-So, do it as early as possible. Don't do last minutes work pls!

Week 8
-Photo shooting for our magazine.
-maybe our press conference presentation, not fix yet.

Week 9
-Due date of both of the assignments, maybe more.

Week 10
-Can start study for my final. Hope not to study in last minutes again.
-maybe presentation

Week 11
- Study study, maybe presentation.

Week 12,13,14
-study study for finals!

Week 15
-Study week.

Week 16
-Fight for finals! =D

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