Saturday, May 19, 2012

Family trip- Langkawi

Yello guys, finally I am here since the last post. I have lots of overdue post to share about but i am just too lazy to update it although it's my sem break!! Anyway, I feel so guilty to my blog and today I am going to update my Langkawi family trip. It is quite a while I never go for trip with my family. Although is just cuti-cuti Malaysia, but I am satisfied with it, as long as I can go for a trip with my lovely family. Ops, sorry to say that i am not going to upload much photo here because I realize that readers hates lots of photooo and lots of wordsss, right? Am i right? Yaaaa! We stayed there 4 days 3 nights, staying at motel which is near to the beach. 
I love staying there because i love beach so much, strong wind and also soft sand. Too bad i couldn't wake up early in the morning because it is too tired for me to actually open my eyes and wait for the sunrise. As what I expected, papa and mama woke up early in the morning to see the sunrise, and they FORGOT TO BRING MY CAMERA TO SNAP IT!! Doi!!! 1st day we stay at pantai cenang to shopping, ahaha!
2nd day we went to visiting those famous place in Langkawi, cable car and etc.
Follow by 3rd day we went for island hoping and stay at the beach to enjoy the strong wind and the "salty sea"

Infinity Love

4th day- Buy chocolate, alcohol and back to Klang. =)

oh yeaa, I have something to share with, finally I received my FIRST nuffnang CIMB bank cheque few days ago!! wooohhoooo!!!! HAPPY-DIE-ME!!!

p/s: Thanks to my readers who actually click the nuffnang adv for me. Appreciate it alot!!

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