Thursday, October 18, 2012

During my sem break.

Hmmmphh! Never thought of blogging at this time but I couldn't find a right things to do now, so I blog. Let's talk about what I actually did during my sem break since I got nothing special things to update. For the first week of my sem break, I went to Genting and Malacca with my foundation buddies. It's been awhile I never gather with them already because we were too busy to meet each other at Kampar. Sometime, we hardly to meet each other in campus because we were taking different course and timetable. So, we decided to go for a trip to gather again during our sem break. I miss the days we hanging out together, we can make a lots of fun, doing sohai things, speak stupid language and so on. LOL!! Let's create the good memories. Kinda lazy to upload those photo at here, if you are interested on it, go to my fb profile and search for it or Click Here.
I just randomly pick a group photo from it. LALALA! 
It was quite fun and I wish to go for a trip with them again. Hopefully, there's a chance for us to do so. 
I spend money, so after the trip, I earn money. I work as a "promoter" I guess. I persuade people to buy perfume. To tell them what promotion are we having now! I worked for 6 days straight. The job is tiring yet challenging! When people start to hear what you say, you will try to describe how worthy is the perfume, and only way is persuade them to buy. Sounds like, Grab it now or not you will regret! haha! 

I think that's all for my sem break, I know its kinda bored but somehow I learn something okay? ngek ngek! =) 
Just a random post which I know there will be no readers to read at all. But if you're reading my blog, thanks for spending time reading my boring post. TEEHEE! 
SeE ya!


Joel_Lim said...

oh...wasted my 2minutes...haahaha

Joel_Lim said...

wasted my 2minutes...haha

YingYing said...

hahaha!i know la you busy man maa.. wasted your 2 minutes to read my blog.. ahahah


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