Friday, April 2, 2010


Hey hey.Why i so late havent sleep yet? yeS! you are right! i am busy doing something (maybe)hahaha Since my groupmate still doing assignment for the programming..i cannot help anything at here i decided to blogging lor..i am so sorry that i cannot brain only know how to display "totally blur" this two words..all i can say is sorry...hahaha what i only can help is.. help chooi han to ask the question to anyone throught msn..hahahaha.. what a great helper =.= omgoshh..i heard something..chow yang said he wan to go mcd? lol? funny right? what a crazy fella..i know he was just joking.. but i trust him will go there since his stomach is playing drum...loll.. oh yaa, so sad to tell you readers, my laptop is currently in "dying mode" haih..sadd.. one week cannot online dey..i can't live without my laptop, so sad..still hoping professor faster rescue my laptop.. aiyayaaa..oh yeaa.. today evening 6.30pm i will go back to klang..yeah yeah =) so meet up with you if possible.

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