Tuesday, April 6, 2010

-Week 6 -

As usual, i would say time is running very fast, week 6 already!!! Next week is the last teaching week, after next week, it would be study week..then final is coming..although this sem i only take 3 subject, but i feel so hard to achieve my target! =( is quite tough enuf =confusing subject, programming=blur subject and management=compare to the two subject, this subject i think is more easier KUA~!hahaha okay, fine...anywayz i will try my best la to score! =) april 30th might going back klang (sem break), i decided to find a part time job to work since i at home also got nothing to do. Anyone? If got any part time job available, you can contact me or leave a comment here.. i will reply you as fast as possible ..Readers, pls help me click the nuffnang adv if you are visiting my blog , i need quick money urgently ~ Help me! thanks alot!

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