Friday, April 30, 2010

Muahahhaha 3 down 0 to go~

Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!final is over yay! hahaha Today is april 30th, is time for me to check out my room before 4pm.After my exam over, jia yi help us to carry our thing to their house "tumpang" first, after sem break finish only shift our things to new house..thanks jia yi the house owner havent give us the key yet, so that we cannot straight away shift things to new house.. and then me and lin yun went to the danish house office to check out~ sounds like hotel huh ?hahaha..Bye bye 1589 hihi 2071 =) .. So, i will leave kampar at evening 6.30pm ..reach klang is about 9 something maybe? meet wif you all if possible lar.. i WANNA WATCH IRON MAN 2 I WANNA WATCH ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE? here i come , KLANG~ I am BACK!!!!! ^^ I know my holiday might be boring , i wanted to find a part time job to work.. any part time job available for me now? pls contact me if got any available job. Promoter , sales girl, office girl also can.. haha. i need money !

p/s:Oh ya, almost forgot, i am here to wish you HAPPY 19th belated birthday, so sorry that i cannot celebrate wif you ..too bad =( anywayz, wish you all the dreams come true , be happy what you having now~ Happy belated birthday~!Bryan Lee Leong Yau

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