Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hard to Concentrate..

I don't know what wrong with me again.. I feel like don't have the mood to study..maybe Is too early to study? No, i know the answer is no..3 more days.. why i still can't concentrate..urghh? where's my study mood?Everyone want to get good result isn't it? i am not exception too right? But sometimes, i really hate myself why being like this? why don't you just open your book/notes force yourself to study and shut down your lappy for whole day..I know, this doesn't work for me..i can't let my lappy become heart will get itchy want okay?Facebook? i am addicted to facebook nowdays? Not nowdays.. since the first time i played facebook.=.=Everyone,everywhere, when i saw people using their lap top, 10 person 9 person are playing facebook..sweat, even old man also playing GAMES?lols!!! okay..fine i force to stop here, because my eye is getting heavy and heavy, i need to go to bed! good nights!

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