Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Almost 2 week i never update my blog already.So sorry, readers! My house cannot online that's why cannot update.Currently will work in giant who located at bukit tinggi. Work as promoter who promote NIVEA product.If anyone want to buy nivea product, you can come giant bukit tinggi find me..Today is my first day to work. I wake early in the morning and wait my bro to fetch me to work. I reach there almost 9.10am..the work start at 10am, i go there so early for what? go do survey lar of cuz.. i still havent get the uniform..i need to go there early to meet the fella who wanna pass me the uniform. The fella name Kok Yan..i think if i not mistaken..When reach there i called him, he say he will reach giant awhile more. tick tock tick tock, time is running..9.10, 9.15,9.20,9.25,9.30,9.35,9.40...YAY!!half an hour past~ he still havent appear yet! WOOT! My patience was finally exhausted..So, i msg him " you still coming?" He called me finally! He say he got importhing to do now, will reach there about 20 minutes more. I think he scare me angry , so he call me go to eat first..Ok lor...nvm i said.After 20 minutes, Kok Yan finally appear, he passed me a box and the uniform.After a short briefing, i started work already..Oh ya, i met up with a few "ang mo lang",one of them come near me and we start a conversation.
AML: Do you speak english?
SYY:yup~Anything i can help you sir?AML:You stay at here right? No,no, i mean stay at this town right?
SYY: yup~
AML:oh, we are finding someone to guide us to this town, Can you?
SYY:Erm...but.. i am working now~ by the way, where you from?
AML:I am from Turkey. I will be leaving on two days more~What time you finish work then?
SYY:Oh,10pm at night~
AML:So, after 10pm can?Can you give me your phone number? So that i can contact you~ We are staying at crystal crown hotel...
SYY:So sorry to say that my mum is not allowed me to go out at night~Sorry~
AML:How bout tomorrow?
SYY:I got to work~ =.=||
AML: Orh..*speechless*
SYY:Sorry yea~
AML:Nvmind then, anywayz thanks~
SYY:My pleasure.

AML stand for AngMoLang.(From Turkey)
SYY stand for Soh Ying Ying.(From Malaysia)

Is quite dangerous if i go out with them, i am not stupid okay?hahaha..By the way, they looks handsome =)=)

p/s:My leg is freaking pain larH!! Quite boring working at there, doing nothing and stand for nothing, so less customer, hard to promote the product also..sienn..nvmind lar, look at "Money's face" i am willing to STAND 12 hours!=)

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